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There is no evidence that such a penalty exists in any football league currently.

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Q: Is there a football penalty intent to deceive?
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An attempt at deceit which does not deceive is not fraud?

yes, to attempt something and to have intent to deceive is enough.

Can you accidentally lie?

No. A lie is, by definition, told with a deliberate intent to deceive.

Is it a balk when a pitcher separates his hands once he has taken the rubber even if he has not come set?

It depends. Umpires are governed by whether or not it is intent to deceive a runner. If there is no intent to deceive a runner, it will probably not be called a balk.

What are lies?

Lies are false statements that are made with intent to deceive. A simple false statement is not sufficient to constitute a lie. There must be the additional intention to deceive.

Is faceguarding in college football a penalty?

Yes faceguarding is a penalty in college football

If someone playing football puts the football in their pants and runs what penalty will be called?

There is no penalty for that

What is the penalty for assault and battery with intent to kill?

It is a felony crime.

What is the penalty for spearing in football?

Spearing is a fifteen yard penalty.

If someone forge your signature what is the penalty?

It can depend on what they do with the forged signature, and/or what their intent is/was.

What is the penalty for hurdling in high school football?

It is considered a personal foul and is a 15 yard penalty. -Football official

What is the penalty called for pushing from behind in football?

This penalty is called "Clipping".

Can you tackle in flag football?

If you tackle in flag football it is a penalty.

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