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NCAA is typically bigger schools like Florida, Texas, UCLA, Tennessee. NAIA is smaller schools, many private schools, but still highly competitive. These include Lee University (NAIA College World Series 2 years in a row) and AUM (Auburn University of Montgomery). These schools are highly competitive, and many of them could compete in the NCAA.

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Q: Is there a diffence between the NAIA and the NCAA?
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What state has won the most college basketball titles?

The answer is KENTUCKY with 27 titles.CALIFORNIA 26University of Kentucky 8 NCAA Div IUniversity of Louisville 2 NCAA Div IUniversity of Kentucky 2 NIT titlesUniversity of Louisville 1 NIT titleKentucky Wesleyan College 8 NCAA Div IIBellarmine 1 NCAA Div IIKentucky State University 3 NAIA titlesUniversity of Louisville 1 NAIA titleGeorgetown 1 NAIA titleJUCO???Total 25UCLA 11 NCAA Div IUniversity of Kentucky 2 NIT titlesUniversity of Louisville 2 NCAA Div IUniversity of Louisville 1 NIT titleKentucky State University 3 NAIA titlesKentucky Wesleyan College 8 NCAA Div IIBellarmine 1 NCAA Div IITotal 25

Does NAIA give signing days?

NAIA signing day is the same as the NCAA. it was like Feb 21 i think this year. You can still sign with schools though its not too late

How many college football associations are there?

NCAA FBS, NCAA FCS, NCAA Division II, NCAA Division III, NAIA, so 5 divisions. There is also junior college football of which there are two divisions, NJCAA and CCCAA.

What is the single season record for blocked shots in the NCAA?

In the NCAA David Robinson at 207, in all levels of college Robert Joseph at 242 (NAIA, Union University)

Why do colleges choose to join the NAIA?

The NAIA is sports played the right way. In the NAIA its is truly about academics, student experience and athletic experience. In that order. If you look at the regional US News rankings, you will see the top positions dominated by NAIA members. But more importantly, the NAIA doesn't have the rules the NCAA does. For instance, a coach can work with athletes all year. Where as in the NCAA, they only have a certain number of practices. Thus a coach becomes a life influence. NAIA games, matches and meets are drastically different. The level of sportsmanship during high level, intense competition is wonderful. Truely, the NAIA athletes have tremendous respect for each other DURING and after the game. But mainly, it comes down to Character. Very few NCAA athletic programs recruit on character, rather DIII recruits for enrollment reasons, DII athletic staffs see it as a stepping stone and are driven to succeed at all cost, and DI is about money. NAIA is the way it should be. People coaching and playing because they love it.

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Football coaches with most wins NCAA?

Top 10 All-Time Winningest NCAA Football Coaches1.) John Gagliardi -- 484 Wins*Carroll College (NAIA) -- 24 WinsSt. John's University (NAIA, NCAA Div. III) -- 460 Wins *All Wins at Carroll and some Wins at St. John's earned while in NAIA, not NCAA; still officially counted toward total NCAA wins count2.) Eddie Robinson* -- 408 Wins**Leland College (NAIA) (now Grambling State University) -- 3 WinsGrambling State University (NAIA, NCAA Small College Division, NCAA Division II, NCAA Division I, NCAA Division I-AA) -- 405 Wins *All-time winningest NCAA Division I Coach **All Wins at Leland and 75 Wins at Grambling State earned while in NAIA, not NCAA; still officially counted toward total NCAA wins count3.) Bobby Bowden -- 377 WinsHoward College (now Samford University) -- 31 WinsWest Virginia -- 42 WinsFlorida State -- 304 Wins4.) Paul "Bear" Bryant -- 323 WinsMaryland -- 6 WinsKentucky -- 60 WinsTexas A&M -- 25 WinsAlabama -- 232 Wins5.) Glen "Pop" Warner -- 319 WinsGeorgia -- 7 WinsCornell -- 36 WinsCarlisle -- 114 WinsPittsburgh -- 60 WinsStanford -- 71 WinsTemple -- 31 Wins**IMPORTANT NOTE: Joe Paterno was 2nd all-time NCAA winningest coach and 1st all-time NCAA Div. I winningest coach with 409 Wins at Penn St. prior to NCAA punishment removing 111 Wins from 1998-2011 as punishment for Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal. Paterno officially ranks 7th all-time on NCAA Coach Wins list with 298 Wins.

Who is the leading NCAA men's basketball scorer?

Tony Kline, Texas Longhorns, 1986 Travis Grant of Kentucky State (div 2) scored 4045 points in his career, an all-time NCAA record. Travis Grant played at Kentucky state when it was an NAIA school. Pete Maravich still holds the NCAA record. John Pierce of David Lipscomb holds the NAIA and ALL of College B ball record

How Many NAIA schools are there?

There are roughly 300 members throughout the US, Canada and the Bahamas. The typical member is between 3000-6000 students. The association has experienced growth in recent years due to growing enrollments at private institutions causing the addition and development of intercollegiate athletic programs. The association blends the positive characteristics of both NCAA DIII and DII. Like NCAA DII, members award scholarships. And like NCAA DIII the members are smaller, student focused and have superior academic achievement. But unlike the NCAA, the NAIA is focused on Character development. Which is headlined by the Champions of Character initiative started in the early 2000s.

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How does an athlete register with NAIA?

The official clearinghouse for NAIA eligibility is PlayNAIA. Every student who wishes to play sports at an NAIA college must register with the NAIA eligibility center.

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