Is there a club that will help me with my slice?

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2009-10-07 06:26:11

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A club called Edwin Watts Golf Club could help you on your slice.

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2009-10-07 06:26:11
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Q: Is there a club that will help me with my slice?
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How do you correct a slice?

Either use an offset club, or try and turn your hands over through the ball, both these will prevent a slice.

How do you cure a slice in golf?

Make sure you are aimed properly, this means having feet and shoulders parallel to the target and the club face is square at address. The most common cause of a slice is an open club face at impact, make sure you square the club face at impact. Also, if you are using a shaft which is too stiff for you, you may slice.

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What is the difference between a regular club face and an offset one?

the leading edge (bottom) of a regular club is flush with the position of the shaft. An offset club's edge is set a bit back, giving you more time to square the club at impact. Helps the slice.

What's the best device to help you with a slice on your golf swing?

First your stance must be lined up correctly and not too open. Your grip must also be tight or perhaps your club itsself is not solid on impact with the ball. Your position at t-off must also be perfect. If you are too close or standing too straight up you will tend to slice. If you do not correctly T the ball high enough then you will reach for it and slice as well. And lastly follow through with your shot. If you pull your head up early you will slice the ball.

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Why would you use a golf club with a 4 degree closed face?

For punch shots and/or shots that you want to run awhile. A club with a closed face helps reduce the effects of a slice swing.

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