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it's when the flyer is in a spunge (or smush) and the bases throw her up (like a basket) and catch her in a cradle.

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Q: Is there a cheerleading move called shotgun?
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How does math move you in cheerleading?

with the rythem

Why is cheerleading called cheerleading?

Umm a chant?

Build-a-Bearville code for dance move?

The code for the cheerleading move is TM45-ZWX9-J732. It raelly works The code for the cheerleading move is TM45-ZWX9-J732. It raelly works

Is a twistie a cheerleading move?

No, a twistie is not a cheerleading move. I am a competitive cheerleading and tumbling coach and I, myself, have been a cheerleader for 2 years and I have never heard of it. However, I think what you may be thinking about is called a Full-Twisting-Layout. A Full-Twisting-Layout, or Full, is a back flip in a straight-body, laid out position done while twisting in a complete 360° circle. This is an elite skill and, in competitive cheerleading, is only legal on levels 5 & 6. Hope that answers your question.

What is a cheerleading manger?

well this is a very complicated answer but i am believe a cheerleading manager is a ......... person sometimes called a manager who manages the fantastic sport of cheerleading

What are cheerleading rules called?


Cheerleading move cheat on babv THE CHEAT NOT A WEBSIT?

Cheer move: tm45-zwx9-j732

What are all the move codes in build a bearville?

There are no move codes exept the wons for cheerleading and the honey shake.

What are all the flips called in cheerleading?


What is a cheer leading team called?

Cheerleading Teams Are Called 'Squads'

Can you do individual cheerleading?

Yes, you can do individual cheerleading. It is a little more costly. It is called Top Gun sometimes, and you have to be pretty good.

What is a herky?

a herky is when u jump in the air having one leg straight and one bent