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No, Pontiac only offered a cassette player and AM/FM radio in 1988.

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Q: Is there a CD player for a 1988 grand prix?
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Does a grand prix 2004 have a cassette player?

a 2004 Pontiac grand prix has a CD player not a cassette player.

Do the steering wheel radio controls still work if an after market CD player is put into a 2002 Grand Prix?


Do a 2004 grand prix gt need a harness to install CD player?

Yes depending on if you have on star or not requires different harness

How do you fix an E20 code on the CD player of a 99 grand prix without replacing the radio and paying the dealership?

You need to manually clean the laser lense on the CD player. How??? code 23 is what is displyed.

What color wire is what when installing a CD player in a 92 Pontiac Grand Prix?

You need to go to a car audio sound store and buy an adapter to tie the CD player into your car's harness. They cost about $20.00.

How to Remove a stuck CD from 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix?

burn the car! trust me

What size CD player fits in 1988 coupe deville?

What size cd player fits 1988 coupe deville

How do you remove a factory CD player in a 1997 grand prix?

The trim piece around it just pops off. You then just unscrew the 4 screws holding it in place.

How do you fix an error code for a CD player in a 1997 Grand Prix?

well it all depends on what the error code thing to do is consult yoyr owners manual.

How do you fix E20 error code on 2000 grand am CD player?

buy a new cd player

What does an error message mean on a Pontiac Grand Am CD player?

It means the cd player doesnt work.

What does error 6 mean on the CD player in 2001 suzuki grand vitara?

what does error 6 mean on cd player in 2001 suzuki grand vitara

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