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Yes, the team that scores the most runs wins in the game of softball.

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Q: Is the winner of the softball game the team that scores the most runs?
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When is a winner determined in softball?

Each game has a time limit. When the time limit ends, or when the game reaches a certain amount of innings (usually 7), whoever has the most runs will win.

Is there a softball video game?

Yes, there most likey is a softball video game. These days you can find about any kind of video game that's about anything you can think of.

How many people were in the most attended softball pitch game?


Most innings played in an olympic softball game?

7. but the record is 431.

Why did they invent softball?

softball was originally started as an easy baseball game. no gloves needed. it has turned into the equivalent to baseball. just with a bigger ball. most baseball players have trouble playing softball

What is the goal of the board game Balderdash?

The goal of the game Balderdash is to score as many points as possible. The player with the most points is the winner. Players make up answers and read them to the rest of the players, along with the correct answer. The player then scores points for bluffing the other players.

Most scores by Oakland Raiders in last 2 minutes of game?

17 points

How do you win on table football?

Whoever scores the most goals, as set by the players at the start of the game.

What is the most goals scored by Matthew Lloyd in a game?

the most scores goaled by Matthew Lloyd is about 62 reply back

Is fast pitch softball a girle sport?

No! Fast pitch softball is a demanding sport. You have to be quick, tough, but more importantly, you have to be smart. Softball and Baseball are some of the most complicated games played today. Strategy is a huge part of the game. The more you know, the better you will play. Also, there are also plenty of men's fastpitch softball leagues.

What is the Super Bowl of hockey?

The Stanley Cup Finals is played by the winner of the Eastern Conference and the winner of the Western Conference. The winner of the seven game series wins the Stanley Cup, the most coveted trophy in hockey.

What state is softball mostly played?

Softball is commonly played in every US state. As for the most softball, some states have longer seasons due to weather and some states have more people to play . California probably has the most softball teams and plays the most games.