Is the warrior revo x a good lax head?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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its not great for defense but good for mid

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Q: Is the warrior revo x a good lax head?
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What is a good lax stick?

i rock the dolomite, its solid for any position, but head depends on position, i would recomend the stx proton power for attack, the brine E3 for D or the Warrior Revo 2 pro, and the stx Super Power for Middie, Golies should go for the void

What heads fit on a warrior shaft?

Any head will fit on a warrior lax head because all shafts are the same.

How much does it cost to get a head strung at lax world?

It cost $30

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Is the stx surgeon and the stx sc-ti a good lacrosse stick combination for an attackman?

The surgeon is a great head espically the new one and the sc ti is great too although its a little pricey the best combination for me as an attackman is an easton launch on a warrior circle dub zion rasta, it's brand new so it might not be in all lax stores

What lax stick is better the swizzle or the krypto pro?

krypto pro but not by far swizzle is a good lax stick too

Where is lacrosse University?

Bro if u are good u at lax u would know. basically, all the ivy league schools have ok to good teams,and the best i can think of off the top of my head are Princeton and duke.

Where do you get a Lax Incense in FireRed?

Head to five island and use surf to head north then go east until you see a house from there continue east until you find a cave go in then when you see a hiker go right then down and you will find an item its lax incense.

What store strings good lax sticks?

LaxWorld... that's where i go :)

How do you dye a lax head without getting the mesh dyed but keep the mesh on the head while dying it?

You don't. You have to take the mesh off first. Maybe you can spray the mesh with a waterproof spray but I doubt it will work. To dye a lax head the water has to be hot. Hot water will take off any spray or wax that you put on the mesh.

Do girls look good in men's lax pinnies?

NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT. it's stupid.

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About 35 minutes, in good traffic.