Is the trophy card from Match Attex rare?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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There is no match attax trophy in 08-09 but in in the match attax extra 07-08 it was really common i had in triple

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Q: Is the trophy card from Match Attex rare?
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Is a Frank Lampard limited edition Match Attex card rare?

no you get it in the tin

What is the most rare Match Attex world cup card?

Lionel messi 100 club and Pele 100 club

How Much should you sell 8 Match Attex for?

It really depends on whether they are packs, or single cards. If they are just single cards then it will depended on which type they are. (e.g. regular, rare, man of the match)

How much would you get for a Match Attex book complete?

04 February 2009 Right now, selling a complete match attax collection (08/09 season), would not give you as much value as you would get by splitting the set into smaller sets - 100 clubs, Man of the Matches, Limited edtions ect. Currently "complete" sets (excluding the signed card, trophy card, error card, collectors guide etc) are selling for about $250. The other items/cards (excluding the Cesc Fabregas Authentic Signed card) can be purchased for about $30. And the Fabregas signed card is selling for about $700. So it would cost you about $1000 to purchase a "complete" set of the 08/09 season (prices based on listings). If you were to actually manage to collect the entire set, including one of the very rare (only 100 in the world) Cesc Fabregas Authentis, signed cards and other cards such as the error card, trophy card, collectors guide etc....then you would have something worth hanging onto for about ten years... If your entire set were to be in mint condition at that time, I believe that you would get a small fortune for it....

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