Is the trek 8.2 a good bike?

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depends what your looking for really but yes it is a good bike

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Q: Is the trek 8.2 a good bike?
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What is better a trek bike or a next bike?

A Trek Bike.

How and where to lubricate trek bike?

The chain

What is cam mccaul's bike?


What type of bike did Lance Armstrong have?

A Lance Trek, it's a custom bike built by Lance Armstrong and his engineers.Most recently- a Trek Madone

I am looking for a good diamondback or trek bike that won't break the bank I bike a lot on roads but still need the offroad capability of a mountain bike What bike should i get?

the diamond back response sport is awesome.

Where can one purchase a Trek road bike?

Trek road bikes can be purchased from your local cycling shop. Since not every cycling store necessarily carries Trek bike you can go to the Trek website for a list of retailers in your area.

What is a good racing road bike?

Raleigh or Dawes? There's Cervelo, Trek, De Rosa, Focus, and more.

Where can one purchase a Trek Madone bike?

A Trek Madone bike can be located at retailers such as CS West Bikes, Outside Outfitters, or Pro Bike Supply. If you prefer shopping online you can check out eBay and Amazon or online retailers such as Trek Bikes, Bicycling, or Wimbike.

What is the value on a Trek 1000 SL Road Bike barely used?

Trek 1000 is a basic Taiwanese made aluminum road bike... It would sell for about $700 - $900 when new. $500-600 is a fair price for a used one in good condition.

What does a Trek bike weigh?

Trek makes a whole range of bicycles, and they'll all have different weights.

What is the price of a trek bicycle?

It depends on the style of bike. Trek's bikes can range in price anywhere from $500 to over $2000 depending on what it is to be used for and the quality of bike you desire.

Where can one find good information on racing bikes?

There are several sites that offer good information on racing bikes. These sites include Performance Bike, Wikipedia, Trek Bikes, Bike Radar, and R&A Cycles.

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