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No, It was not meant to anyways. The main Tippmann lines has the Tippmann 98 as their starter marker, the Tippmann A5 as their intermediate marker, and the X7/X7 Phenom as their top brand. The bravo one (alpha black in The United States) is simply a different looking Tippmann 98. The A-5 has the cyclone feed, and is much easier to take apart with a tombstone airline and push-pin disassembly.

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Q: Is the tippman bravo one paintball marker better than the tippman a-5?
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How do you take the feedneck off the tippman bravo one paintball gun?

press down on the front sight and turn the hopper downwards

Does all tippman paintball barrels have the same threading?

no, for the a5, X7, TPX, Prolite and Bt4(not tippman) there is the a5 thread, and for 98, 98c, Project salvo, alpha balck/ Bravo one, Carver one/tange one its the 98 thread.

Do the accessories for the tippmann 98 fit the tippmann bravo one?

Pretty much all Tippman accessories are universal on all Tippman Models. If it, it will state clearly on the box.

What kind of shows are shown on Bravo One?

Bravo One is a tactical gun paint marker used in Paintball fights or games. One can see the videos at Youtube and one can purchase the guns at Canada Paint Ball, eBay, Badland Paint Ball, Paint Ball Gear and Tippmann.

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Is the Tippmann Bravo One Tactical Edition Marker any good?

The Bravo one/Alpha Black is a great, cheap starter marker. It is reliable and durable, but that's about it. The tactical edition is useful if you plan on buying a remote line or like having a horizontal hand grip. For the price, it is a great gun.

How much does a Tippmann paintball gun cost?

The Tippmann paintball gun can be purchased from JustPaintball for å£399.00 for the Phenom E-Grip or å£119.95 for the Bravo One. Other models can be purchased for fgures in between these 2 amounts, depending on the specifications you require.

Tippmann a5 or x7 and bravo one or alpha black?

The A5 Is the best out of these mentioned, even wi price considered. It is the same price as a alpha black (bravo one in canada) and a cyclone feed, but is easier to take apart, has more upgrades available, has a tombstone adapter instead of the plug or screw in vertical adapter. The X7 (non Phenom) is just the A5 with more plastic parts for more money. The Tippmann X7 Phenom is a superior marker to all other Tippman's because of its Spool valve and ability to work semi automatically without a battery and fully automatic with a battery.

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Is the alpha black tactical a Canadian legal paintball gun?

The Canadian version of the alpha black is called the "bravo one" because the US one is sponsored by the US army. So, yes, they are legal to have in Canada.

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