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The quarter horse is the fastest horse over the quarter of a mile, but the thoroughbred is faster over larger distances.

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Q: Is the thoroughbred the fastest horse in the world?
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Is the quarter horse the fastest horse?

No. The quarter horse is the fastest horse in a quarter mile, but it the Thoroughbred is considered the fastest horse hands-down.

Is the thoroughbred the fastest horse breed?

yes! and eclipse was the fastest tb

How fast does a racing horse run?

The thoroughbred is the fastest horse in the world. They can maintain a speed of 42 miles per hour for more than one mile.

Are thoroughbred horses the fastest horses in the world?

Thoroughbred horses were bred to be race horses. They are fast indeed, but it doesnt mean they are the fastest.

What is the fastest horse and how fast is it?

Most likely the Thoroughbred, at 45ish miles an hour.

How is a Quarter Horse different than a Throughbred?

The Thoroughbred was used in the developement of the Quarter Horse and it is still a big influence in the Quarter Horse industry today. If asked, most people know about the Thoroughbred as the world's fastest breed. But only for long distances. The Quarter Horse is faster than the Thoroughbred for short distances, such as a quarter mile race. Think of the Thoroughbred as a long distance runner as compared to a sprinter, the QH.

Who is faster thoroughbred or quarter horse?

The Quarter Horse is supposed to be the fastest horse over a quarter of a mile hence the name quarter horse

Who in the fastest horse in the world?

Man o' War. He remains the fastest. None come close. Hes a thoroughbred stallion clocked at 63mph. Normal tbs run 45mph

What is the fastest horse?

The American Quarter Horse is the fastest at 55mph. The Thoroughbred is 2nd at 45mph. Answer2: It should be noted that not all Quarter horses can gallop at 55 MPH, that speed is a world record that has never been equaled.

What is the second fastest horse?

it depends for how long because a quarter horse can go faster then a thoroughbred but only for so long as a thoroughbred can go for very long as this breed is famous for racing.

How is a thoroughbred better?

They're better because they are the fastest breed of horse and are used as racehorses.

What the fastest horse in the world?

The fastest breed is the Thoroughbred. the fastest recorded thoroughbred in the world was the secretarian, the reason of this was because he had a heart two times the size of the average horse. Quarter horses are actually faster than thoroughbreds over about a quarter of a mile. While thoroughbreds run about 45-50 mph, quarter horses have been known to run at 55 mph for short periods of time.

Who is the fastest horse over 2 miles?

Well going by breed, that would be a Thoroughbred, as for a specific horse I'm not sure.

How many thoroughbred horse's are in the world?


What is the fastest a horse can go?

Well it just depends on what type of breed it is. Like the Thoroughbred, its the fastest breed, can run to 40miles and hour.

What is the fastest horse ever recorded?

Man O' War. thoroughbred stallion clocked at 63mph

What is the fastest breed of horses?

The fastest horse breed is the Thoroughbred, running up to 30-40 miles per hour. As said above the Thoroughbred is recognized world wide as the fastest breed. However over very short distances the Quarter horse can reach speeds of 55 MPH (world record speed). Typically though Quarter horses will only sprint a bit faster than a Throroughbred on average.

Is a thoroughbred horse a filigree?

No, a thoroughbred horse is a horse breed. A filligree is an openweave design.

How fast do horse run?

it depends on what kind it is but i think a Thoroughbred is fastest look it up in it will help

What is a horses fastest speed?

The fastest breed of horse is the American Quarter horse, which can reach up to 55 m/h (88 km/h) for a short distance. A Thoroughbred horse can only run as fast as 45mph.

Who is the fastest horse or a camel?

a horse throughbreds are the fastest breed in the world

Is the mustang horse the fastest in the world?

It depends on the horse, typically the quarter horse is the fastest horse alive.

Was the black stallion the fastest horse in the world?

The Black Stallion is a fictional horse. A wonderful story, but not the fastest horse in the world.

Fastest mile by a horse?

The fastest mile by a horse was ran by the great Thoroughbred racehorse, Salvador. Salvador ran a mile in 1 minute and 35 and a half seconds (1:35 1/2).

What is the fastest a horse can gallop?

The thoroughbred can go up to 45-50 miles per hour but not many people know WHICH horse is the fastest horse in America pay attention to horse newspapers or horse info internet sites like Horse