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Yes it is. They sometimes call the field 'the Baseball diamond' but other than that its not used.

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Q: Is the term diamond used in baseball?
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Baseball Ground known as?

The playground of baseball is known as Diamond. A baseball field also called a ball field or a baseball diamond is a field upon which the game of baseball is played. The term is also used as a metonym for baseball park.

A blood diamond is a term used to describe a diamond?

It is a term used to describe a diamond that was mined in a war zone and used to finance war activities. These diamonds are typically mined in unstable regions of Africa.

The name of which of these gemstones is also a term for a baseball field?


The term 'diamond' is associated with which sport?


Why is a baseball field called a diamond when it is really a square?

rotate a square 45 degrees and what do you get? that's right, a diamond, and from the vantage point of the plate, you're looking at a diamond. since the plate is where it all goes down, it's logical that the term baseball diamond was chosen over baseball square.Actualy this is not true, in baseball the field is called a diamond in error. It is in fact a square, the term diamond is falsely used to mean a rhombus - In geometry, a rhombus or rhomb is a quadrilateral whose four sides all have the same length. The rhombus is often called a diamond, after the diamonds suit in playing cards, or a lozenge, though the latter sometimes refers specifically to a rhombus with a 45° angle.It is said that all squares are rhombuses but not all rhombuses are squares. so the term is false. Most people call it a baseball diamond when it is not, but colocaly that is what it is called so you just cant fix stupid.

Which is the lightest diamond?

Light is not a term usually used to describe diamonds -- but literally, the lightest diamond would be the diamond with the least weight.

What does clean diamond mean?

'Clean diamond' is a term used by a non-gemologist to express an opinion about the lack of visible flaws in a diamond.

What is a bruised diamond?

Bruised is not a term used to describe diamonds.

Is a half carat diamond still a real diamond?

Half carat is the term used to measure the weight of the real diamond. A diamond's weight does not define or detract from the fact that the diamond is or is not a real diamond.

How is geometry used in baseball?

Geometry is used in baseball in the shape of the field and diamond. It is also used when players decide where they need to throw the ball.

What types of prototypes used in diamond chips?

The term 'prototype' and the term 'diamond chips' aren't really connected, since diamond chips are the result of cutting and polishing a diamond stone. Prototype implies something designed and fashioned; diamond chips don't fit into that definition.

Where did the baseball term 'pitching aces' originate?

the term "ace" was used for an elite pilot; the best of the squadron. The term is used in baseball as the best pitcher in the team's group of pitchers.

Nickname for a baseball field?


What is ep diamond?

The term EP can mean 'electro-plate', which is a characteristic of the metal in which the stone is set. EP is also used to identify cutting tools used to draw designs in metals, where one of the characteristics of the tool is a diamond-shaped stylus. EP is not a term usually associated with a diamond stone.

How did blood diamond get their name?

The term blood diamond generally refers to a diamond mined in a war zone that is sold to finance an insurgency, invading army's war efforts, or a warlord's activity in Africa. The term is sometimes also used to refer to the brutal slave-like conditions experienced by workers in the diamond mines.

Which of these is a term used in baseball?

Double Play

In which sport is the term smash used?


What is the concept of mapping?

Mapping is a term used in mining. When one is considered to be mapping they are marking points at which one has to drill with a diamond bit. They are referred to as Diamond Drillers.

In baseball what is the term that is used when a team plays a game and travels that same day?

One term used is 'getaway day'.

What is the area of a baseball diamond?

The area of a baseball diamond is 8100 square feet.

How is the term league used in sports?

i like baseball

What is a ballclub?

A ballclub is a term used for a baseball team.

What nouns best describe a diamond?

A noun used to describe another noun is called an attributive noun (or noun adjunct).Examples of nouns used to describe the noun diamond are:marquis diamondfair trade diamondbaseball diamondengagement diamond

What did the the baseball field give to his girlfriend?

A diamond because a baseball field is a diamond shape

What is the point spread in baseball?

Point spread is a term used in gambling, not a particular basketball term.