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No, St James Park is better. It cost more to build and can hold more people.

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Q: Is the stadium of light better than St. James park?
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Do Newcastle and Exeter share a stadium?

The don't however both their stadiums have similar names, the difference is Exeter's stadium is called St James park which would be the park of St James whereas Newcastle's stadium is called St James' park meaning belonging to St James. The Newcastle stadium also has a capacity of 52,387 whereas Exeter's is only 9,036.

How many seats does St. James park stadium have?


How did Newcastle football stadium get called saint James park?

The name of St. James' Park, home of Newcastle United was actually named after a road. St. James Street is nearby the stadium, not a person.

Why did sunderland move from roker park to the stadium of light?

A lot of people kept having injuries because it was too cramped because of people not just standing but if there were no more space some would stand therefore they moved to a better stadium. The stadium of light which is much better and still holds only a bit less people.

What is Newcastle's home ground called?

At present, Newcastle's home stadium is St. James's Park

Which stadiums will be used for the olympics in football?

City of Coventry Stadium, Coventry Hampden Park, Glasgow Millennium Stadium, Cardiff Old Trafford, Manchester St James' Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne Wembley Stadium, London

What is the Newcastle United address?

The address for Newcastle United's home stadium, St James Park is ; St James' Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4ST

How many people can St James Park hold for newcastle united?

The capacity of the Newlands Stadium is approximately 51,100.

Why are Newcastle and sunderland rivals?

St. James Park ( Newcastle ) and the Stadium of Light ( Sunderland ) are approximately 14 miles from each other. Due to their close proximity they consider themselves local rivals.

Which stadiums did Take That go to for the Circus Tour?

Stadium Of Light - Sunderland Ricoh Arena - Coventry Croke Park - Dublin Millenium Stadium - Cardiff Hampden Park - Glasgow Old Trafford Cricket Ground - Manchester Wembley Stadium - London

How much does Newcastle's stadium hold?

St James' Park, or the Sports Direct Arena, has a capacity of 52,387.

What was man citys old football ground called before city of Manchester stadium?

It is called the Stadium of Light.