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it is defense

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Q: Is the safety position in football offense or defense?
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What is a FS?

In American Football, 'FS' stands for Free Safety. Free safety is a position on defense.

What does DS position football?

deep safety - in a prevent defense this position usually replaces one of the linebackers...

What football position should I play at 5'10 and 160 lbs in high school football?

On offense you should probably try out for a running back spot and depending on the other players on defense possibly a corner. It also depends on speed and other factors an alternate on defense maybe a safety.

What is the position S in football?

the position s is the safety

What is the football position SS?

Strong safety.

What position does s stand for in football?


What do safety football players do?

he is the last line of defense. He plays far away from the line of scrimige so he makes sure that the offense doesnt go long and scores an easy touchdown

What position in football is SS short for?

Strong safety

How do you write a sentence using defense?

The defense attorney will explain why his client is innocent. Do you prefer to play offense or defense on the soccer team? Afraid for her safety, she enrolled in a self defense class.

Can defense score on a point after touchdown?

In college football, if there is a turnover on a PAT and the defense returns the football to the opposite end zone, they receive 2 points for a defensive conversion. In the NFL, the ball is dead when a defending player touches it on an extra point attempt. There is an extremely rare scenario in the college game where the defense can score 1 point. The offense's attempt must be turned over, the defense then runs most (but not all) the length of the field, the defense then fumbles, the offense recovers it (not yet in their own end zone), the offense then voluntarily runs into their own end zone trying to evade a tackle, and the defense then tackles the offense's player in their own end zone. This is called a conversion safety, and counts 1 point for the defense. It makes a score such as 6-1 a possible score in college football. This is so rare that it has never actually occurred.

What football defensive position is dubbed a rover or monster?


What are the name of positions in football?

Offense Quarterback halfback fullback wide receiver tight end tackle guard center Defense middle linebacker outside linebacker defensive end defensive tackle cornerback strong safety free safety

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