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it depends on your bat. if it is, it says BBCOR APPROVED on the barrel

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Q: Is the rawlings 5150 bat bbcor approved?
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Which aluminum bat hits the farthest?

I would say the best bbcor bat on market currently is the Akadema Apocalypse. The Rawlings 5150 has received some good reviews as well.

Do college baseball use -3 bats?

Yes, -3 bats (which signifies the oz compared to length of bat. ie 33inch 30oz bat is -3) These bats must now adhere to the bbcor rules on bat performance. Best bbcor bats on market are the Akadema Apocalypse, Rawlings 5150 and Easton Stealth.

Is the rawlings 5150 or the 5150velo a better bat?

if you diddnt make the bat youslef it aint a good bat fromer mlb player eric lambrodi

What is the hottest coach pitch big barrel baseball bat?

I would have to say it is a tie between the easton stealth composite and the rawlings 5150!

Is the Easton Stealth Speed baseball bat legal for high school?

No it is not bbcor certified. If it says bbcor on a -3 bat it is legal

Is the Demarini CF5 an allowed BBCOR baseball bat?

Yes, on the bat there is a small white rectangle that reads "BBCOR Certified .50" or something like that.

What does bbcor mean?

Bat-Ball Coefficient Rating.

Where can i find baseball bats that are BBCOR approved?

Not yet. They'll be out in May, 2010. Try this as it came from the office of NCAA's Mr. Ty Halpin. He was very responsive and informative in his reply to me. Mr. Halpin is the guy who MAKES the rules. Beware of other dudes on the internets who interpret rules or sell bats. Read the official rules (and BBCOR approved bat list in the link below, under "Bat Listings").

What is a bbcor baseball bat?

It means that the ball must come off of the bat under a certain speed.

Is the easton omen a good bat?

Yes it is a very good bat. It is the same bat as the Stealth Speed but is just BBCOR certified.

Does a wood bat hit better than a metal bat?

It all depends on if the bat is bbcor certified compared to open rules on bat qualifications. bbcor bats are made with strict rules not allowing it to be technologically engineered to out perform wood bats. Although, metal is generally stronger than wood the new bbcor bats have decreased hr productions dramatically in college and hs baseball.

Where can you buy rawlings baseball bats?

Easiest place is online. Check out reviews of the 2009 Rawlings baseball bats at

Are BPF and BBCOR the same in baseball bats?

No. BBCOR is a certification for a baseball bat to be used on the 90-foot base field. I don't even know what BPF is.

Can you use a baseball bat you created in high school baseball?

No, BBCOR bats are required for high school baseball. BBCOR stands for "Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution."

Is rip- it baseball bats a good bbcor bat?

Most bbcor bats are pretty much standardized, however, my school and others in our conference are going with the Akadema Apocalypse.

What bat does david ortiz use?

A Rawlings bat Pappi uses a Nokona Bloodline as well

What brand of baseball bat is used by the Miami Hurricanes?

Miami Hurricanes are using Nike BBCOR bats.

What is an approved softball bat?

An approved bat is a bat that has been tested and is approved by ASA. ASA stands for the Amateur Softball Association. Bats that are approved will have a stamp towards the cap of the bat that looks like home plate and it will have a year in it.

Is the demarini cf 4 the best bat?

Possibly one of the best BBCOR bats available as of right now

Are exo bats illegal in college?

The 2012 Exo Grid (BBCOR) is the only legal college exo bat.

Can you hit farther with a wood bat than you can with a BBCOR bat?

No. A BBCOR bat is made out of a "dead" metal substance. The composition of these bats makes them work more like wood bats, but not exactly like them. Any given metal bat will hit farther than wood bats. This is why you see people trying to break distance hitting records with metal bats as opposed to the wood.

What is a good BBcor bat?

It is basically an original aluminim/metal bat that has no composite pieces in it or half composite pieces. Now for little leauge, babe ruth, and highschool BBcor bats must be used, although in AAU which is more competitve and considered travel baseball you can use composite bats

What size bat for middle school baseball in Virginia Beach?

If its summer league it doesn't matter but if its high school all I know is that you need a bbcor certified -3 bat

What is the baseball bat drop weight requirement for middle school in Fresno California?

-5 bat is legal for Central Valley Middle School's , I'm not sure if it has to be BBCOR or BESR.

What is bbcor?

It is the legal bat in high school and college that uses an alluminum barrel to progress players towards wooden bats for the future