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Yes it is - i do it and i see boys too - girls do tend to be there more often though - that's true!

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 02:12:56
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Q: Is gymnastics both a men and women sport?
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What is the sport that women are better than men?

Synchronised swimming, (arguably) diving and gymnastics.

What is gymanstics?

Gymnastics is a sport that both men and women do. This is a very tough sport where gymnasts train hard usually to become an olympic champion or they use this sport to get in shape. If you are a young person this would be a great sport for you.

Who was invented the gymnastics?

Someone from the ancient Greece time invented gymnastics. They used gymnastics for training to become stronger. At first it was an all men sport now women do it.

Is gymnastics an only girl sport?

No, there is also men's gymnastics- you can watch it on YouTube- just search men's gymnastics.

Is volleyball for men or women?

Volleyball is a sport that can be played by both women and men, girls and boys.

When did men gymnastics originate?

Men were actually the first to compete in gymnastics in the ancient Greek Olympics. Women were not only prohibited from competing but also prohibited from viewing the sport because the men performed nude.

Do both men and women play demolition derby sport?

Yes, both men and women participate in demolition derby.

What are the rules in Gymnastics Rings?

Gymnastics is one of the most recognizable sports in the world. Both men and women compete in the sport. The rings are an event that the men participate in. The rules for this discipline include the required elements which are still strength moves as well as a swing and the dismount.

Who did gymnastics first women or men?


Is badminton just a girls sport?

No. Both men and women play the sport of badminton.

What has the author A Bruce Frederick written?

A. Bruce Frederick has written: 'Gymnastics for men' -- subject(s): Gymnastics for men 'Gymnastics for women' -- subject(s): Gymnastics for women

Name a sport you associate more with women than men?

Volleyball Tennis Gymnastics Swimming Softball Ice skating

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