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Q: Is the new Yankee Stadiums field grass or turf?
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Is Yankee Stadium grass or turf?

Both Stadiums have been grass.

What do NFL players play on grass or turf?

Some stadiums have grass and some stadiums have turf.

What is a football field made of?

Well, Local pitches are going to be grass, obviously. Small stadiums etc are probably grass too, maybe some being half astro turf* Larger stadiums will mostly have half grass-half astro turf*/synesthetic(fake) grass *Not sure about this 100%, but some smaller stadiums claim to be half and half ****************************************************************** Hope you find this helpful

Is the field at Gillette Stadium natural grass or turf?

its turf

Do the Chicago Bears have a heated turf field?

The Chicago Bears do not have a heated turf field, they play on a grass field.

Would grass or turf be better for field hockey?

I personally play field hockey on grass but turf is good too overall i say it is better to be played on grass

What turf is on the Citizen Bank Park in PA?

they play on a grass field, not turf

What are the stadiums and running tracks like at the Olympic games?

The running tracks are made of Field Turf and the stadiums have the capacity of 71,030 people.

What is the end zone turf made of?

the same as the rest of the field, fake grass (turf) or real grass(natural)

Is the Qualcomm stadium field turf or grass?

The Stadium has natural grass.

Is the Colorado coors field grass or artificial turf?

Real grass

Does a lacrosse ball bounce differently on grass vs field turf?

yes i play on field turf and it bouces higher than regular grass.

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