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Q: Is the kickoff football different than the scrimage football?
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Can the kickoff team recover the football not including on sides kicks?

Yes, as long as it has traveled further than 10 yards.

Can a field goal kicker spot the football more than 7 yards behind the scrimage line?

Yes, the ball may be spotted at any point behind the line of scrimmage.

Can you have more than seven on the line of scrimage?

In American Football the offensive side must have seven players on the line of scrimmage. At one time it could have more. If they did today, then the players between the ends would need to have interior linemen numbers.

Which 2 running backs had longer runs from the line of scrimage than LT last year?

Warrick Dunn & Chester Taylor

Is the size of a NFL football different than that of a NCAA football?

Yes the NFL ball is larger

Is soccer dangerous than football?

no its pretty much the same as football, its just called a different name.

Is a football different type of matter than a bowling ball?

No, they are both solids.

What was football like in the 1950s?

Football was different in the 1950's than today. There were no face masks o or helmets. The football was rounder and harder to grip. There were no mouthpieces, Football fields were smaller.

What percentage of people like baseball more than football?

People have different opinions. But when I surveyed 100 people there were 79 people who like baseball more than football. So 79% of people like baseball more than football.

Why is Gaelic better than football?

Such a statement is open to debate. Different people will have different reasons as to why they prefer Gaelic Football or Soccer, so the question cannot really be answered definitively.

What is intercollegiate football?

The prefix 'inter' in the word intercollegiate means more than one college. Intercollegiate football is a football game between teams from two different colleges.

What services other than news does the BBC Football website offer?

The BBC Football website offers many different services. Other than news, the BBC Football website offers Football scores, interviews with players and coaches, as well as a chat room.

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