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Q: Is the free agent telum bike a good bike?
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What is the best bmx bike you can get for max 550?

FREE AGENT Telum: really good bike weighs around 21 pounds and sells for $429

Is The Verde Eon bike 2010 a good bike?

Good for price get it

What is a good bike for teens?

a bmx bike

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Yes of course this bike will proof that this is a good starter bike.

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Auditions are over and agents don't work for free.

Good bike parks in UK?

are there any good bike parks in the uk?

Is the gt bump a good bike?

Yes it is a good bike I realy recommend you getting it

Is the trek 8.2 a good bike?

depends what your looking for really but yes it is a good bike

Is a 2003 Honda XR-100R a good bike?

yes it is a very good bike

What are the good things about the dirt bike?

Good information about the dirt bike is that you can ride them when they are not anything to do

Is a ktm 125sx a good trail bike?

A Ktm 125sx is not a good trail bike because sx means super cross so it is a good racing bike it is good for jumps and racing

Would a bmws1000rr be a good first bike?

no not for a first bike