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depends on district rules

it is at our school

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โˆ™ 2009-10-03 20:45:52
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Q: Is the figure 4 leg lock legal in high school wrestling?
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What type of wrestling is taught in high school?

amature wrestling is taught in high school

What moves are legal and illegal in high school wrestling?

High school wrestling does not allow:Full NelsonsBody SlamsNo Kicking or hittingActually it depends when you use a full nelson but other than that there are no body slams or kicks.

How specifically do you take wrestling stats for high school wrestling meets?

As a coach or high school wrestler.

When is the high school wrestling season?

Wrestling usually, for high school, starts practicing around November.

Are you supoosed to be in wrestling in high school to have wrestling as a career?

you don't have to be in wrestling during high school Tobe a have to go to wrestling school.witch i wan't to be a wrestler so i will go to wrestling school.Answerno u don't have 2 be a wrestler in high school. You have 2 go to a Wrestling School to train though.....

What is the best Georgia high school wrestling?

Dutchtown High School

Should high school wrestling be allowed?

why shouldn't it? high school wrestling is not the same as what you see on WWE. those are professionals! all high school wrestling is trying to get the other person off their feet theres no hitting involved!

Is high school wrestling a sport?

Yes, it is.

What age is good to start wrestling?

High school wrestling, any age. WWE wrestling, 20

Are there any wrestling schools near Hazard KY?

Smoky Mountain Wrestling Hazard High School Wrestling

What high school holds the longest wrestling win record?

Brandon High School in Brandon, Florida

Is the diploma from Belford High School online legal?

Yes, a diploma from Belford High School is legal.

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