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No, the cruiser weight championship is not a world title, and it is vacated right now.

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โˆ™ 2009-04-17 20:11:23
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Q: Is the cruiserweight championship a world title?
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Where is the WWE cruiserweight championship?

they retired it

Who is the WWE cruiserweight champ?

The champ is HORNSWOGGLE There isn't one the WWE Cruiserweight championship is Vacant

What happend to the WWE cruserweight championship?

The Cruiserweight championship has been quietly retired in the WWE.Go to and type in WWE "Cruiserweight Championship" in the Search Box if you think I'm lying,sucka.

What belts can be unlocked in smackdown versus raw 2009?

WWE Championship, World Heavyweight Championship, Intercontental Championship, United States Championship, Cruiserweight Championship, WWE Tag Team Championship, World Tag Team Championship, Hardcore Championship, Womens Championship.

Are they ever going to return the cruiserweight championship to the WWE?


What titles has Eddie Guerrero won?

Basically all of them... World Heavyweight Title Cruiserweight Title U.S. Title Intercontinental Title European Title Tag Team Titles

What happened to the WWE Cruiserweight Championship belt?

The Cruiserweight championship belt was deactivated on the September 25th, 2007 edition of Smackdown, which aired three days later on September 28th, 2007.

Will Matt hardy ever be world champ OR will he go back to smackdown and win the cruiserweight title again?

I THINK HE WILL. AFTER HIS FEUD WITH EDGE, HES GOING BACK TO SMACKDOWN AND WIN THE CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE FOR THE 2ND TIME.... Matt Hardy would need to lose about 20 lbs to compete for the cruiserweight title (weight limit is 220 and hardy is 237)

Who was the first world heavyweight champion ever in WWE?

Chris Jericho beat The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin to combine the wwf world heavyweight championship, european championship, and cruiserweight championships to create the current wwe world heavyweight champion. As of March 15 2012 Daniel Bryan holds this title

How many championship belts do the WWE have?

current championships: wwe championship wwe world championship wwe united states championship wwe tag team championship wwe world tag team championship wwe womens championship wwe divas championship retired championships: wwe hardcore championship wwe light weight championship wwe European championship wwe million dollar championship wcw cruiserweight championship wcw cruiserweight tag team championship wcw hardcore championship wcw television championship ecw championship ecw world tag team championship ecw ftw world championship ecw television championship ecw Maryland championship ecw Pennsylvania championship all together 21 championships

When did david haye win the world title?

he won the wba heavyweight title last November beating nicolai valuev. but he won the cruiserweight title in November '07.

Who did rey mysterio defeat for his first wcw cruiserweight championship?

Billy Kidman

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