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Yip just recently

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Q: Is the captain of the silver ferns casey Williams married?
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Who is the current captain of the silver ferns?


Was Temepara George the captain for the Silver Ferns?

She was. Now the captians Casey Williams

Who is the captian of the Silver Ferns?

Casey Williams is the captain for Silver Ferns and plays the positions Goal Keeper and Goal Defence

Netball silver fern captain?

Julie Seymour casey Williams is now the captian

Why did casey Williams silver ferns captain become a leader?

Casey became a leader because netball was one thing she enjoyed and the next thing she want to became was to be a captain of the team your in and Williams has achieved her goal.

Who is casey Williams?

she is a famous netballer, who is in the waikato bay of plenty magic team and the captain of the silver ferns.

When did Casey Willams start Playing in the Silver ferns?

casey williams started playing for the silver ferns in 2004

Does Casey Williams - the silver fern have any siblings?

Yes she does...

Dose casey Williams play for the silver ferns?


Who is the coach of the silver ferns?

The current silver ferns coach is Ruth Atkin

Who is the goal keeper in the silver ferns?

CASEY WILLIAMs LEGEND =] and Katrina Grant

For witch team does Cassey Williams play netball?

casey Williams plays for the magic team as well as the silver ferns