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Yes, the batter is out once the umpire makes the call for the infield fly rule.

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Q: Is the batter still out if the fly ball is dropped after the infield fly rule has been called?
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How is the 'infield fly rule' invoked and under what conditions?

If baserunners are at 1st and 2nd base, or the bases are loaded with less than 2 out the umpire may call an "infield fly" if the ball is popped up in the infield area and can be caught with "ordinary" effort by an infielder. If the ball is caught the batter is out and the runners may tag up and advance at their own risk. If the ball is dropped the runners may try and advance to the next base at their own risk (they do not need to tag up/or even advance if they dont want) and the batter is still out. If the umpire fails to call it the rule still apllies. ** Infield fly does not apply to bunts or foul balls -- or line drives.

In baseball is a batter out if the catcher drops a third strike and the batter does not realize it was a dropped ball until he is almost to the dugout and then runs safely to first?

Once the player has headed for the dugout he can be considered out. However, if the umpire has not called the batter out yet, then he is still in play.

When did the infield fly rule stop?

The infield fly rule still applies, and is in effect when the following situations are met: 1. Fewer than two outs 2. A fly ball is hit that an infielder can reasonably catch (umpires discretion) 3. There are runners on 1st and 2nd, or bases are loaded. 4. When the above conditions are met, the umpire will verbally call "infield fly rule" as soon as it is determined the ball is an infield fly. The batter is automatically out, and the runners do not have to advance, even is the ball is dropped. Note: This rule was established to prevent fielders from purposely dropping a fly ball to attempt a double play.

Can a baseball player catch an infield fly - where the ump has declared an infield fly - then throw to a base that a runner hasn't tagged up to yet and get a double play?

As soon as the ump calls the infield fly rule, the batter is out, but the runners can still advance at their own risk. To answer your question specifically, no, the fielder can't do that - that is the exact result that the infield fly rule was enacted to prevent! Usually when they call the infield fly rule, the baserunners go back to the bases relatively quickly, because the play is over.

When is the infield fly rule in effect?

If there are less then 2 outs and runners on 1st and 2nd or the bases are loaded. If a ball is popped up on the infield in fair territory the umpire will call "Infield Fly", the batter is out, and the runners are not required to advance, but can do so if they determine at their own risk of being safe or out. The ball is still a live ball in play, and it does not matter if the ball is caught or not. The infield fly rule does not apply to bunted balls that are popped up

If the batter swings and misses the third strike but the ball hits the ground first and the catcher catches it cleanly is it still an out?

it is considered a dropped third strike. the batter must be tagged or thrown out, same as if the catcher had dropped the ball. -LM, umpire

Batter hits a pitch and the ball bounces and hits the batter is he out?

If the batter is in fair territory, the batter is out. If the batter is not in fair territory, for example the batter is still in the batter's box, the ball is called foul.

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Why is the baseball tossed around the infield but not to the first baseman after an infield out?

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Is it considered a strike or a ball if a throw by the pitcher bounces before the catcher has it but still passes through the strike zone?

A dropped third strike is a "special case". When a 3rd strike is dropped, the batter becomes a "runner". If the ball bounced as you described and it was a 3rd strike, it will be treated as a hit. Any pitched ball that hits in front of the plate is considered a ball unless, of course, the batter swings at it.

What is infiled fly rules in baseball?

Simply put, its when a batter hits the ball in the air but the ball never travels far enough to get out of the infield. However there must be less than 2 out and at least 2 people on base for this rule to take effect. When an umpire calls for an infield fly the batter is automatically out regardless of if the fielder catches it. Runners must still tag up. The reason for the rule is that back in the day players would purposefully drop the ball in order to get a double play (because the runners would not be running to the next base)

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Does batters interference have to be intentional?

No, any type of interference is against the rule. It is similar to a pitcher unintentionally hitting a batter. As it is true that the interference does not have to be intentional, there are occasions where there might be "interference" that is not called as such. i.e If a batter takes a pitch and a runner is stealing a base, if the catcher throws the ball and hits the batter or his bat, while the batter is still standing in the box, this is not called interference

If batter hit on hand while bunting does he walk?

If the batter is hit while still holding the bat across the plate attempting to bunt, then it is called a strike. But, if the batter pulls back the bat and gets hit by the pitch then he goes to first with a HBP.

Can a runner get out if the batter gets walked?

Yes, the ball is still in play after a batter is walked.

A batter hits a home run with runners on first and second but the batter is called out when he touches firstbase and still has the bat in his hands how many bases do the base-runners get?

if the ball is hit out of the park and he gets called out because of that then the runs are forced in beause it was a home run

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Is the batter out if a bunted ball hits him?

it depends on the situation. If the count is two strikes then it is an out because if the batter is insied the box then it is a fould ball and a two strike foul ball on a bunt attempt is an out. If there is one strike or zero strikes then the batter can be called out or a foul ball. If he is still in the batter's box and the ball touches him then it is a fould ball but if the batter is outside the batter's box and the ball touches him, then he is out.

A batter hits the ball its hits home plate then the batter?

it depends on whether the batter is still in the batter's box when the ball hits him. If he is in the batter's box then the ball is foul. If he is out of the batter's box and the ball hits him in fair territory then the batter is out.