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A ball is in if it touches any part of the line.

If it is the double's sideline, then it is out. But if the ball touches the single's sideline, it is in.

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Q: Is the ball out when it touches the white line in tennis?
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Can the ball hit the white line in the table tennis Olympics?

In Table Tennis, as long as the ball touches the table, it is counted, the markings aren't important.

How is a ball determined to be out in tennis?

If the ball touches the line, it's considered fair play or in bounds.

Can the ball hit the white line when served in table tennis?

Yes, the ball can hit the white line when served in table tennis. The white is part of the playing surface and is therefore "in".

When the ball hits the white line when served in table tennis is it in?


Is an nfl player down if his forearm touches the ground as the ball crosses the goal line?

Remember the ball does not have to CROSS the goal line.The goal line is part of the End Zone.So any part of the ball that touches or is over (the white line),Goal Line is a touchdown.If the players forearm hits the ground he is down there.But if any part of the ball was over any part of the goal line before his elbow touches the ground then its a touchdown.

Are you allowed to serve both sides of the line in table tennis?

In singles you can serve to any part of the table. In doubles you can only serve to/from the right court. If the ball touches the line, it is in.

Is it out if the ball lands on the line in tennis?


What is it called when the soccer ball touches the side line?

Nothing happens when the ball touches the touchline. When the ball completely exits the field across the line, then play is restart with a throw-in.

If a tennis ball is ever so slightly outside the line but would be touching the line if it were in a hypothetical compressed state is that considered in or out?

As long as the ball is touching the line, it is considered in. Even if the majority of the tennis ball is out, as long as a tiny sliver of that tennis ball is touching the line, it is considered in.

In tennis if the ball hits the line is it in or out?

If the ball hits any part of the line it's in

Is the line in or out in basketball?

The line is out in basketball. If a player has the ball and his toe touches the line, he is out of bounds.

What it the rule if the ball touches the out of bounds line in vollayball?

There is no rule!

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