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Q: Is the ahl teams on the nhl 2009 game?
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Does NHL 2009 have AHL Teams?

Yes it does, you can play a season or pickup game with them but not a dynasty. To pick them just rotate through the leagues

Does the AHL teams play the NHL teams?

No they do not, the AHL or American Hockey League is the minor league of the NHL or National Hockey League.

How many teams in ahl?

There are 30 teams in the AHL, one for each NHL team.

Who are all the NHL farm teams?

All the NHL farm teams are in the AHL

Is there ahl teams in NHL 08 ps2?

Yes there is are the AHL teams from 2008. There is a mode that you can play to see if you can win the Calder Cup.

Is the American Hockey League in any video games?

Yes. NHL 2009 has the AHL in it's game.

How many AHL teams make it into the playoffs?

It's the same as the NHL playoffs.

Which clubs are affiliated to the NHL?

Each NHL team has an affiliate team (or farm team) that plays in the American Hockey League. Many of the AHL teams are in the same city as their NHL affiliate. Many NHL teams are also affiliated with an East Coast Hockey League team.

What are the Oklahoma hockey teams?

There are no NHL teams in Oklahoma, but there is an AHL team called the Oklahoma City Barons. They are the minor league affiliate for the Edmonton Oilers.

How many American hockey teams are there?

The NHL has 30 teams, 24 in the United States and 6 in Canada. The AHL currently has 29 teams, 25 in the U.S., 4 in Canada.

Can you send a CHL player to the NHL or AHL in the wii game NHL Slapshot and if so how?

you can. You need to find the player you want to move. Then move them to the free agents list. Go to the NHL/AHL rosters and move your player to the team he's on

How many AHL players make it to the NHL?

This question is difficult to answer as the AHL is the main development league for the NHL. While some gifted players come right out of junior, college or Europe and step right into the NHL, the vast majority of NHL players have played in the AHL at some point for varying amounts of time until they have developed their skills. There is, obviously, no rule about how many players can come from the minor league. NHL teams recall their players as they see a need.

How do you be in the nhl?

You get drafted by game scouts. They give you a chance to play on their AHL team and if they like what they see, you will soon get a chance to play in their nhl team.

Who is Johnathan Ericsson?

Johnathan Ericsson is a NHL/AHL From Sweden. He a defenseman for the Detroit Red Wings in the NHL, and a defenseman for the Grand Rapid Griffins in the AHL.

What are the NHL farm teams?

The American Hockey League (AHL) is a 29-team professional ice hockey league based primarily in the United States that serves as the primary developmental circuit for the National Hockey League (NHL). The 30 NHL teams have primary affiliation agreements with one of the AHL's active member clubs of which 25 are located in the United States and the remaining four are in Canada. Source: The above answer is correct but incomplete. Most NHL teams also have an ECHL affiliate in addition to the AHL (some have CHL affiliates). With the advent of the salary cap the nhlfarmteams have become even more relevant than before. Simply put NHL teams can no longer spend infinite money to create a winning franchise. Now it is more important to have a farm "system". While the AHL is predominant venue for the NHL "feeder" league. The ECHL has placed over 400 players in the NHL including Vezina trophy winner like Tim Thomas of Boston! Hockey fans need to watch this league.

How many hockey teams are located in the US?

NHL- 26 out of 30 AHL- 26 out of 29 ECHL- 22 out of 22

Can you play with the ahl on NHL 2k9?


What is the Pittsburgh penguins history?

They were the Pirates from 1925-1930 in the NHL and then the Hornets from 1930-1967 in the AHL until they were added into the NHL in 1967 as the Pittsburgh Penguins. They won Stanley Cups in 1991, 1992, and 2009.

How much money does an AHL hockey player make?

The average AHL player makes about $40,000 annually, however, players in the AHL under a contract with an affiliated NHL team will make a much greater amount if they are under a one way contract or have stipulations which will guarantee a larger salary if they are sent to the AHL from the NHL.

Are there any players in the NHL or the AHL from the south in the US?


How many teams are they in the NHL?

currently there are 32 teams in the nhl

Is there 48 NHL teams?

No there are only 30 NHL teams.

How manny NHL teams?

There are currently 30 teams in the NHL.

How do you get out of the AHL in NHL slapshot Peewee to Pro mode?

To get out of the AHL you need to become 2nd line (you start off at 3rd line I think because I did). Then 1st line and after a while you will get into the NHL. Thats how I did it. Like a boss.

What is number of players to make it to the NHL without playing in the AHL?

Roughly 4-7% go straight to the NHL