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It is well known around the world. With soccer being the biggest sport in the world, and club football in Europe being so important and having players from around the world in it, the Champions League is well known around the world.

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Q: Is the UEFA Champions League known in the whole world?
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Is Manchester united the best tem in the world?

Yes, Champions of England (Premier League), Champions of Europe (Champions League), Champions of the World (FIFA World Club Cup)

What player has won the world cup champions league euro champions league and English premiership?

Claude Makalele

What is the biggest cup in football?

The World Cup for the whole World Competing The Euro Championship for Europe The Champions League for the winners of euro home leagues

Which sport has a World Series?

The "World Series" has been played by Major League Baseball since 1903. The World Series is the last round of playoffs, played between the American League champions, and the National League champions.

Which player has won the Champions League the Premier League the World Cup and the European Cup?


Where is the world series played?

At the home ballparks of the National League and American League champions.

What is the World Series of Major League Baseball?

its the championship between the national league and American league champions

How many times did Barcelona win the champions league?

Barcelona, the current greatest club in the world has won champions league three (3) times.

Who was the first team to win the world champions in baseball?

That would be the Boston American League Club now known as the Boston Red Sox.

What player has won world cup champions league premier league scottish?

Basil Boli

How many players have won the world cup and the champions league?


What is the biggest annual sporting event in the world?

the european champions league

Who has won the world cup and champions league in the same year?

How could a team win the champions league and world cup at the same time? Do you mean an individual player who won both honors ?

How won the first World Series in basball?

American League champions, Boston, defeated the National League champions, Pittsburgh, 5 games to 3 to win the first World Series in 1903.

Who do you think will win the champions league?

tottenham hotspur they got the best squad in the world i support arsenal but i think tottenham are gonna win the champions league in 2011

How many people watched champions league final in 2011?

about 6,700,000,000 people are living in the world. then, 452,556,196 people watched champions league final in 2011. its amazing...

When will Atletico de Madrid win the Champions League?

tomorrow they are already the best of europe(and the world) the super champions cup :)

Who played in the World Series of 1955?

The Brooklyn Dodgers, winner of the National League, defeated the New York Yankees, American League Champions, four games to three to become World Champions in 1955.

What footballer has won world cup champions league premier league and euros?

Fabien Barthez won the World Cup (1998), European Championships (2000) with France, the Champions League with Marseille (1992) and Premiership (2001) with Manchester United.

Which player has won the champions league world cup fa cup and premiership?

== ==

When manu win a last world cup?

2008, the premeriship and champions league

Do Little League World Series Champions receive a Championship ring?

no.. they have to buy them

Footballers who have won the world cup and the champions league in the same year?


How much are the winning team of champions league and world cup collecting?


Who has won the uefa cup world cup champions league premiership scottish league and FA cup?