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Yes, it is. They switched from Division 2 to Division 1 several years ago.

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Q: Is the Summit League athletic conference a division 1 conference?
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What are the names of the conferences in NCAA Division 1 Sports?

I'm assuming we're talking about the National Basketball Association here. I could list the names of the NCAA conferences as well, but that would take a little longer than I want to spend. Also, the names of the Conferences is pretty easy: Eastern Conference and Western Conference. For the sake of completeness, I'm assuming that the question refers to the names of the Divisions within those Conferences. The NBA is arranged as follows: EASTERN CONFERENCE - Atlantic Division, Central Division, Southeast Division WESTERN CONFERENCE - Northwest Division, Pacific Division, Southwest Division

What athletic conference was Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne in before 2007?

The IPFW basketball program played last year in the United Basketball Conference. For the 2007 season, they will play in the Summit League, formerly known as the Mid-Continent Conference.

How many major conferences are there in the NCAA?

There are 32 Divisions in D-I NCAA Basketball.

Is Eastern Illinois a Division 1 school?

Yes, with an asterisk. Eastern Illinois belongs to the Ohio Valley Conference which is a Division 1 conference. However, the OVC is Division 1-AA for football.

Is South Dakota state university a division 2 school?

No. South Dakota State University began a transition to Division 1 in 2004. In football, SDSU is a Division 1-AA school that plays in the Missouri Valley Football Conference and in basketball, they play Division 1 in the Summit League.

What NCAA division is North Dakota State University in?

North Dakota State University is NCAA Division I, The Summit League, as of 2007.

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When was The Summit League created?

The Summit League was created in 1982.

Is there a North Dakota basketball team?

The Dakota Wizards were an NBA Development League team located in North Dakota from 1995 to 2012, when the team was moved to Santa Cruz, California and renamed the Santa Cruz Warriors. There are several college basketball teams including a team from the University of North Dakota (NCAA Division I Big Sky Conference) and from North Dakota State University (NCAA Division I Summit League).

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