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No it is not, The Olympics are won and given to the country who bided the most for it.

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Q: Is the Olympics won by whoever has the most medals or just the most gold medals?
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Country with most gold medals wins the Olympics?

Yes Country with most golds in an Olympics wins that Olympics No that is wrong The country with the most medals wins the overall olympics.If you only counted gold medals as " What country won " then why have silver or bronze , just have gold and do away with the rest. so that being said the country with the most medals wins !

What is bronze Olympic metals made of?

The composition of olympic medals can change from one Olympics to another, such as gold medals that at some Olympics are solid gold but at others have been just gold plated. I would assume however that bronze medals are made of bronze which of course is an alloy of copper and tin.

What country has won most gold swimming in the last 5 years?

I think it's the U.S. because Michael Phelp's just broke the record for most gold medals won at one Olympics this summer. I think it's the U.S. because Michael Phelp's just broke the record for most gold medals won at one Olympics this summer.

Are gold olympic medals real gold?

Gold Olympic medals are real gold, but they are not all gold. They are usually just coated with gold. The rest of the medal is usually silver. There are standards as to how much gold is actually on the gold medals.

What are the Olympic trophies?

There are no trophies in the Olympics just medals.

How many silver medals did Australia get just in 2008 summer Olympics?

15 silver medals

What country won the most medals in summer Olympics?

The United States of America won the the Summer Olympics in 2008 with 93 medals. However, the people's Republic of China won the most gold with 46 gold medals. Winter Olympics: The highest was 36 made by Germany - but the United States just beat it by winning their 37th medal in hockey! (Unfortunately, it was only silver. But after all, we were guaranteed a medal in hockey anyway!) Hope that answers your question!

How many Medals has Czech in hockey Winter Olympics?

just 12

How did Wilma Rudolph help society?

She didn't really, she was just a track star that won something like 3 gold medals in the Olympics. then she died of brain cancer.

Why are the medals in Olympics gold silver bronze?

They are gold ,bronze,and silver to determin how the state is doing like in school there are A's B's C's D's and F's it is exactly like that just think gold is A silver is a C+ and a bronze is a D-

How many medals have Jamica won?

If your just talking about the 2012 olympics then i belive they won 4 golds 4 silvers and 4 bronze medals but if you meen from all the olympics then i have no idea.

What medal did Shawn Johnson win in the Olympics?

Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson won a total of four gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, including a gold medal in the balance beam. She retired from the sport in June 2012, just before the Olympic Trials for the London games.

Did the winners get medals in the ancient Greek Olympics?

No, just a crown of laurel leaves.

Which country won the most medals at the 2010 Olympics?

USA broke the record for Most medals won at a single Winter Olympics by a country, with a mark of 37 just inching past the 36 medals won by Germany in 2002.

How different is the current Olympics compared to the ancient Olympics?

In the first Olympics, the Greeks won pretty much all the medals. Now they are just really poor.

How many gold medals did the us win in the 2008 summer Olympics?

36 golds, a record 8 won just by Michael Phelps

How many medels and silver and gold?

For CANADA the GREATEST country in the WORLD we won a total of 14 GOLD MEDALS a NEW RECORD not just for CANADA but for any other region that EVER JOINED the winter olympics

Is there a picture of a 1936 Olympic gold medal?

Yes, I just did a report on the 1936 Olympics and found a picture of Owens' Medals at this website:

What obstacles did Wilma Rudolph have to overcome in order to win 3 gold medals in 1960 Olympics?

she had to prove that african-american women could accomplish just as much as white women.

Does the host country of the Olympics usually take home the most gold medals?

No, if you look at the last Olympic Games held in Greece in 2004, the host nation took just 6 gold medals, the country who takes home the most Gold is usually China, Russia or America, these are huge countries with alot of athletes from which to pick the best for their Olympic squad.

What weight are the gold medals?

The BBC have just said 400 grammes per gold medal

When did US gold medal winners get paid?

nothing just medals

Are the olympic medals real gold?

No. The last olympic medal that was real gold was awarded in 1912. Now, silver medals are silver and gold medals are made of just about 93% silver. However, the gold medal needs to be plated or coated with at least 6 grams of real gold based on Standards.

How many medals in total did awarded in olympics 2012?

966 total medals were awarded for the events. There is no total medal count by athlete and only by event because hundreds were passed out for the 36 medals given to winners of just the 6 Men's and Women's Team events in Handball, Indoor Volleyball, Football, Field Hockey, Water Polo, and Basketball. There were 302 Gold Medals 304 Silver Medals and 356 Bronze Medals for the 302 events. Many events did not have Bronze Medal elimination for the semi final losers and both won the bronze Medals while the winners went on play for the Silver and Gold Medal

Who has won the most medals at commonwealth games?

Including the 2006 Commonwealth games Australia has won the most medals, a total of 1,707 (643 gold, 556 silver & 508 gold), just ahead of England who have 1,695 medals