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yes it is one of the most known sports in the US

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Q: Is the NBA popular
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Whats more popular NBA or NHL?

This depends on where you live. The NBA is more popular in the United States while hockey is more popular in Canada, where the NBA hardly rates at all in most of the country.

When did tattoos become popular in the NBA?

Tattoos are very popular in the NBA. The tattoos starting becoming popular in the early 2000s and now just many of the team members have them.

How did basketball become so popular?

basketball has become so popular because of the nba!! the nba has attracted many viewer4s all over the world !!

What is the diffarence between NBA and nbl?

NBA is played in the U.S & in my eyes, more popular NBL is played in Australia & is least popular

Why are the Philadelphia Sixers the most popular?

Actually, the Philadelphia 76ers are not the most popular NBA team. The latest ESPN poll shows that the Miami Heat are the most popular team in the NBA. Before that, the most popular team was the Los Angeles Lakers.

What is the least popular jersey numbers in the nba?


What are some popular Sprint commercials?

Sprint's NBA "Pajamas" commercial is amongst the most popular Sprint commercials of all time. With over half a million views on Youtube, the "Pajamas" commercial starring NBA's Kevin Durant is quite popular.

What is the NBA like today?

The NBA is very popular today in many countries. It is a respected job in many countries. It is popular in Spain, China, and Europe. Many people go to stadiums to watch the games.

How popular is basketball?

This sport is popular in the U.S and there is a major league called the NBA for national basketball assosiation.

How Has basketball gotten more popular?

in the NBA it got popular by the trades in which hype up basketball fans

What is the most popular NBA throwback jersey?

Micheal Jordan

Who is the most popular nba player today?

Kobe Bryant

Who's the most popular player in nba?

Michael Jordan

Most popular nba players in 2010?

Kobe Bryant

What teams does the NBA shop sell products for?

The NBA store sells merchandise for all 30 NBA teams.More popular teams have the lion's share of the merchandise,however you can visit the NBA website of your favorite club is under represented in store.

What does NBA owner do?

At home the popular drink hot

What do NBA owners do?

At home the popular drink hot

What is the most worn shoes by the NBA?

The most popular shoe used in the NBA is the Nike Hyperdunk, with 28% of players currently using it as reported by Gearosaurus.

When was the video game NBA Street released?

The very popular basketball video game NBA Street was released in 2001 for users of Playstation 2. NBA Street was later released in 2002 for Game Cube.

What does it take to be in the NBA?

To be an NBA player, you have to have the proper training. You should be popular enough to be recognized in your area or as big as your country. You should have the talent and skills of a tough and tall NBA player.skill , hardwork, and practice

Who is the most popular basketball player in NBA history?

Michel Jordan by far

Which NBA basketball team is least popular?

The New York Knicks or the Timberwolves.

What is the most popular basketball?

Spalding, the official ball of the NBA.

How does NBA make basketball popular?

NBA players are looked up to as role models. People around the world watch the NBA in amazement of the dunks the fade-aways and game winners. Eventually, the people watching the NBA stars want to be just like them. And in order to be a NBA player the first step is to step out on the court.

Why is college basketball more popular than the NBA Everytime I turn the tv on there's twice as many colllege games as there is NBA games.?

Because college basketball has more teams than the NBA so they have to have more games .