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From my experience miken does not make a single wall bat although the maniac is an alloy it's still multi wall

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Q: Is the Miken maniac e-flex 700 softball bat good to use in a single wall softball bat league?
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Where could one go to order Miken softball bats?

There are two main Miken websites that have softball bats for sale and they are Miken Sports and Miken Bat Store. Alternatively, Miken bats are widely stocked in most good sports shops or can be purchased online at Amazon.

How do you take a end caps off a miken dc41 softball bat?

Don't do it, it will no longer pass league inspection.

What is the best usssa softball bat?

2009 miken superfreak

What are some brands of softball bats?

some brands of softball bats are Demarini, Worth, Nike, Synergy, Miken, Rocketech, Halo, Bustos, Eastons

Is the miken freak 98 asa leagal bat?


What does the w on the end cap of a softball bat mean?

Well first off, your question is very vague. My question is, is this "w" a logo type molding or is it melted into the end cap? If you have a Miken bat with a W melted into the end cap, then it is a NR bat. (Non-returnable).

Is the miken mv-1 supermax slowpitch bat asa approved?

The miken mv1 is NOT ASA approved. If you are looking for any ASA bat I would try the miken super freak 98. Oh and try Kelly's ultimate sports. They always have good deals. Just give them a call. When you talk to them they give you a better deal then online. Thanks Nick

Is plasma fusion a good baseball bat?

No. The "Miken Freak" is the best bat in the world.

What brand of an aluminum bat can hit a baseball the farthest?

The Miken Freak is by far the best bat.

Where can one purchase a Miken Freak?

A Miken Freak can be purchased from many of the larger sports equipment stores. If one knows the size, weight, model, ect. then a smaller, locally owned sporting goods store should be able to help as well.

Which is better the Anderson rocket tech fastpitch bat or the miken rain fastpitch bat?

rocket tech

Is the miken model T22c6 bat a double wall?

No it is not a double wall.. The T22C6 is a composite bat with a Titanium inner sleeve. And they are super hot...

Is the demarini vendetta softball bat the best bat?

due to the lightness of the vendetta the handle cracks and snaps if you hit the ball in the wrong area. The bottom plug of the bat also pops out if you hit in the wrong spot. I was about to get one of these due to the weight and it would be easier to get around with a faster pitcher. but do to the reviews this bat isn't the best i say go demarini CF3 BLACK GOLD, or MIKEN

What is the best fastpitch softball bat for 2010?

miken rain...i have one it may not seem so great at first,but that's because you have to break it in The real answer - it depends - are you a slapper, a power hitter, do you have slow bat speed or fast bat speed. The answers may be balanced, end-loaded, light drops (-11, -12). There is a great site - - that reviews the Best Fastpitch Softball Bats. It also provides reviews from Players, Coaches and Parents. Also provides Top Rankings of Fastpitch Bats in several categories - Slappers, Power Hitters, Balanced, End-Loaded, Team Bats (8U, 10U, 12U), Composite and Non-Composites. Also, info on selection and care of Fastpitch Softball Bats: The Coach has updated his website for 2013 - over 75 bats reviewed with 1,600+ reviews from Players, Parents and Coaches along with The Coach's Review. Read more: What is the best bat to use in fastpitch softball

What are some good choices for a slowpitch softball bat?

A first great recommendation for a slow pitch softball bat would be an older Easton model SCX23. Easton bats are very high quality, but they are expensive and harder to find than other bats. Other high quality bats are the Miken and Worth bats. In particular the Worth Resmondo Titan is a great bat, and its cost is around $225. Another option would be Combat. These bats are expensive; however, they are worth the money. A less costly option would be the Demarini Ultimate Weapon; it costs $60. It is a decent bat, but it is easily bent. Another option would be the Anderson Pyrotech.

Why is the cf4 banned from NCAA?

Because it is a composite bat like the nike cx2 and miken freak, and easton speed. the ball has a much faster exit speed of these bats that the ncaa banned them because there are such good hitters

Is there pro softball?

As a taxable profession, NO. As a traveling "Ringer" or "Bat Spokesman" YES. Some less than reputable teams will pay a player to be on the roster but most do not. Although allot of players do make cash off of their team winning tournaments and winning home run derbys. If you are a true stud and a Worth, Miken, Easton or some other bat company's salesman is around and knows you, then you can make money taking "BP" with their bat. In short, not many professional players, a few professional hitters.

What is the best baseball bat to buy?

The best baseball bat to buy really depends on age. Little League: If you are in little league I think that COMbat is the best bat in baseball for kids 12 and under. They are a little expensive so get the right one. Senior/Adult: I think the RIP-IT bats offer some of the best performance and value. The RIP-IT bats are about $200 to $300 less than some of the other guys. RIP-IT also lets you return the bat if you don't like it. Other great bat companies are: Easton, TPX, Miken, and Anderson. They all make great bats as well. A good rule of thumb for high school and college is that all the bats have to pass the same safety test. So pretty much all the high end offerings of each company are going to perform pretty close to each other. demarini or miken on adult

How do you go about choosing a good softball bat you are 5'9 guy and novice player?

find a bat that the weight is not too light for you and not so heavy that it is a huge effort to swing it. I would say to start with a 27/28 ounce bat and see how you like it. Being a novice you might want to look at a balanced bat versus an end loaded bat(an ounce of weight in the end to get more whip through the swing) Depending on the weather where you play you may wany to invest in a good double wall aluminum or half and half bat (for colder weather 60 degrees or less) or for year round warmer climates a good composite bat, I would suggest doing research on the internet to see what people think about different bats, but what is a wondeful bat for someone else might be a crappy bat for you. Be sure to look into what kind of bat the govorning body of the league you intend to play in will let you use, the miken ultra and ultra 2 are banned from just baout everything except for senior softball leagues.

What is 'a' in the phonetic alphabet?

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Is Rawlings sporting goods stock publicly traded?

Sort of. Rawlings itself is not publicly traded. They are owned by the Jarden corporation (ticker JAH). They are under the umbrella "Jarden Team Sports" along with Worth, Miken, Hilton Casuals, deBeer, Gait, and JSL brands.

What are all the pilots alphabet?

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What does a flex index on a softball bat mean?

The number itself means nothing, it's an arbitrary number made up by the manufacturer. The important thing to know is Miken, Easton and DeMarini are the major manufacturers which offer 2 flexes in the handles. Basically, the stiff handle is for players with faster swing speeds and the less stiff handle is for players who need more whip to improve bat speed. There is diminishing return if you have a fundamentally sound swing and use a regular flex handle - the barrel head will lag behind. So, if you are a power hitter get the stiff flex handle. If you're not, get the regular flex handle.

Who were the sports stars of 1920?

Well, a big one was George Miken. He was one of the best basketball players to live. He played for the Indianapollas Lakers, And was number 99. There really wasn't any others that are remembered today. actually their are many more remembered today or have you never heard of Babe Rooth?

What softball bat hits the ball longest?

Truthfully, a modified bat (rolled and/or shaved). To play an honest game, it will depend if you are ASA sanctioned or not. If so, go with a Louisville Slugger Voltage SB73V, it is the HOTTEST. Non-ASA, I would go with a (money is a factor in my decision) the Easton Synnergy SCN16BH (Brett Helmer Signature bat). It has pop rivaled only by illegals (not referring to anyone that speaks spanish LOL ;)) I am sure you can drop more than the $399 this Easton is going to cost to get something just a hair hotter but the difference will not be worth the money and this bat can be found on that E-auction place for less than $200. By the way, ALL composite bats hit better after they are broke in, keep that in mind. Buy the Brett Helmer Easton and do batting practice with it for a while before turning into your gamer. A broke in Freak, and others will hit better than a BH brand new. Hope this helps and remember when looking for THE BAT..... buy 3 or 4 THE BATS in different name brands, it fills your bag up and it is cool to feel the differences. I bag a Miken Mega Maniac, Easton Synnergy Brett Helmer, Worth Mayhem (blue with neon green writing) and the LS SB73V. READY FOR ANYTHING! ;)