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Yes, the race for the Melbourne Cup is 3200 metres long.

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since electric was made

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Q: Is the Melbourne Cup 3200m long?
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Which Melbourne Cup hopeful won the 3200m Queen's Cup at Eagle Farm in November 2001?


How long is 3200m?


Whereabouts in Melbourne is the Melbourne Cup held?

The Melbourne Cup is held at Flemington.

At which racecourse was the 2012 Melbourne Cup held?

The 2012 Melbourne Cup was the 152nd Melbourne Cup. The 2012 Emirates Melbourne Cup was held on Tuesday, 6 November 2012, at Flemington Racecourse, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Which year was the Melbourne cup a public holiday for Melbourne?

The Melbourne Cup has been a public holiday (for Melbourne) since 1877.

Which racecourse holds the Melbourne Cup?

the Melbourne Cup is held at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, Victoria.

When was Melbourne Cup created?

Melbourne Cup was created in 1861.

On which racecourse is the Melbourne Cup horse race held?

The Melbourne Cup is held on Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne.

What is 3200m equal to in miles?

3200m is about two miles.

Kiwi won the Melbourne cup?

Kiwis dont race in the Melbourne cup.

Are kids allowed at Melbourne cup?

Yes, Kids are allowed at the Melbourne Cup.

How much is the Melbourne Cup worth?

the melbourne cup is worth 20,000 dolors

Is the Melbourne cup on every year?

The Melbourne Cup is held every year.

When was The Hayseeds' Melbourne Cup created?

The Hayseeds' Melbourne Cup was created in 1918.

When did Melbourne Cup Challenge happen?

Melbourne Cup Challenge happened in 2006.

What time of year does the Melbourne cup happened?

The Melbourne Cup takes place on the 1st Tuesday in November, which is springtime in Melbourne.

What day is Melbourne cup held in 1966?

The Melbourne Cup is always held on the first Tuesday in November. In 1966 the Melbourne Cup was held on Tuesday, 1st November.

What did the Melbourne cup winners win?

The winner of the Melbourne Cup wins a trophy that looks like a cup/goblet.

Who won the 1970 Melbourne cup?

Baghdad Note won the 1970 Melbourne Cup.

Which horse won the 2000 Melbourne cup?

Brew won the Melbourne cup in 2000

Which horse won 2009 Melbourne cup?

'Shocking' won the 2009 Melbourne cup.

Which horse won the Melbourne cup in 2013?

Fiorente won the Melbourne Cup in 2013.

Where is the Melbourne cup held?

In Melbourne, Australia.

Where is the Melbourne cup run 2011?

In Melbourne

When did Archer win the Melbourne cup?

Archer won the very first Melbourne Cup, in 1861.