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For its price it is an avearge, overall no. It is a semi auto mechanical marker with a stock. For the same amount of money you could get a bt4, azodin kaos, or alpha black.

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Q: Is the MR1 a good paintball gun?
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How many fps dose a mr1 paintball gun shoot?

around 290, just like every other paintball gun.

Should a noob in paintball get a spyder E-M1 or Mr1?

MR1. Because you don't quite want to get the gun with the E-trigger until you know how to play and are good at it. MR1. Because you don't want to get the MR1 with the E-trigger until you know how to play and are good at it.

Which paintball gun is better the spyder mr1 or the project salvo?

The salvo has more accessories and has a better feed neck and stock then the Mr1.

What is a good working paintball gun that has a low price?

Tippmann 98's, spyder mr1/victor, and azodin ats/kaos are good to start.

Can the spyder mr1 paintball gun shoot rapid fire?

No, only the E-MR1 which uses a battery to have semi, burst, and full auto modes.

What ris quad rail system fits the spyder mr1 paintball gun that isn't over 40 bucks not including shipping thank you?

Spyder MR100 Pro is the RIS Quad rail system that fits the Spyder MR1 paintball gun.

How many fps does a mr1 paintball gun shoot?

It is adjustable, but around 290 Feet Per Second.

What is a Spyder MR1 used for?

The Spyder MR1 is a type of paintball gun therefore would be used for paint balling. They can be purchased from many places including eBay and Amazon.

Which paintball gun is better Spyder sonix or Spyder MR1?

It depends on what you are going to use it for... If you are going to play more speedball, get the sonix... If you are going to play more woodsball, get the MR1.

What is th emr1 paintball gun?

Do you mean the MR1 or the EMR1? Both of them are spyders entry level woodsball gun, with built in stock and double trigger. The emr1 has an electric trigger, which allows it to fire faster and with different modes, where the mr1 does not.

What do you need to install a paintball scope on your MR1 Paintball gun?

Since it has weaver rails, all you need are Weaver scope rings. An offset mount will help too.

How many fps does a spyder mr1 paintball gun?

In U.K, the paintball fields set them at 270 FPS, but when you buy the gun it should be around 300 FPS, you can buy chrongraphs for $10-20 to test the FPS,

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