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All paintball guns are regulated at around 290 fps, the model is irrelevant.

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Q: How much fps is US Army Alpha Tactical Paintball Gun - Black?
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Is the Alpha Black Army tactical better than the Sierra one paintball gun?

ya I think so

Is the alpha black tactical a Canadian legal paintball gun?

The Canadian version of the alpha black is called the "bravo one" because the US one is sponsored by the US army. So, yes, they are legal to have in Canada.

What caliber is the us army alpha black paintball gun?


Is there a double trigger available for the Tippmann US Army Alpha Tactical Paintball Gun?

No, you can not fit a double trigger in any of the US Army tippmanns.

Are the US Army Alpha Black Tactical good paintball guns?

They are cheap, durable starter markers. compared to most walmart guns, they are great. compared to mid level markers they are not.

How much is a US Army Alpha Black paintball gun used?

Price or usage?

What is the difference between a us army alpha black paintball gun tactical edition?

The tactical edition has a 4 point butt stock and an 11 inch barrel and, M4- style barrel shroud. Otherwise it has no stock and a stock 8 inch Tippmann barrel.

Which paintball gun is better a tippmann us army alpha black tactical or a diablo mongoose semi-auto?

Since the Diablo is almost a hundred dollars more, you will spend better money getting an e grip alpha black. Diablo does not have a reputation for well built markers.

Is the Sierra one better than the Alpha Black Army paintball gun?

The sierra one is the Canadian version of the Project salvo, which is the higher end version of the alpha black. If you want to save money for slightly better looks, get the alpha black.

How much is the us army alpha e grip paintball gun?


Is the tippman us army alpha tactical paintball gun fully automatic?

It has a switch that you can choose between four settings. One is semi-automatic another is 3 round burst shot and the last one is fully-automatic.

Why does your tippman us army tactical m16 paintball stop shooting after a while and it makes you have to cock it again?

It could be that your bolt is dirty or need to be lubed.