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Yes they are there this year.

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Q: Is the German team Schalke 04 going to participate in the Champions League?
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Did Schalke 04 win champions league?

No .they didn't won the champions league

How many times has schalke won the champions league?

Unfortunately as of now, 2011, Schalke has never won the Champions League. However, in 1997 they won the UEFA Cup which has now become Europa League which was the biggest success of the club to date.

Who does Manchester united play in the semifinals of the 2011 champions league?

Manchester United play Schalke.

Who was the captain of Manchester united in the champions league semi finals 1st leg vs schalke?

It was Vidic.

How many football matches Raul Gonzalez appeared in the champions league?

Raul Gonzalez has made 141 appearances in the Champions league. He made these appearances for Real Madrid and Schalke.

Who has scored the most goalsin the Champions League?

Raul Gonzalez who currently plays for Schalke has scored the most CL goals

Who won the champions league in 97?

Borussia Dortmund, the german club, won the Champions League in 1997. It was their very first Champions League triumph.

Is the champions league national?

The Champions League, the club competition for soccer clubs in Europe, is international. Clubs from many different countries in Europe participate in it.

In what league is schalke in?

Germany's first league, 1. Bundesliga.

Who won the German Bundesliga fottball league?

Wolfsburg are the current champions.

How many German teams can qualify for champions league 2012?

There will be 32 teams.

How many German teams have won Champions League since 1992?

2 german teams have won the Champions League since 1992. Bayern Munich have won it 2 times and Borussia Dortmund once.

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