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no it is not a composite bat by the way little league banned composite bats internationally

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โˆ™ 2011-02-11 06:02:54
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Q: Is the Demarini Voodoo Bat a composite bat?
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Is the demarini voodoo a good bat?


Is the demarini creature a good bat?

worse demarini bat ever the vexxum and voodoo will kill it any day

Is the Demarini distance a composite bat?


Which baseball bat is better the Demarini CF3 or the Demarini Voodoo?

Demarini CF3- All Composite, takes a little while longer to break in, and its more "end-loaded" which is what a lot of the bigger hitters prefer. Demarini Voodoo- This bat is half composite, takes very little time to break in, its more balanced than end-loaded, but a lot say that it performs very well.

What is the difference between the DeMarini Voodoo and Vexxum Bats?

Voodoo is for Power, Vexxum is for bat speed.

Is a demarini voodoo a good bat?

Yea a few of my friends have them and they love the swing they have

Is the 2009 demarini vendetta basseball bat legal to use in 2011?

The 2009 Demarini Vendetta is a composite bat. They were going to make all composite bats for 2011 Illegal but they didn't fallow through with the rule. This bat is legal to use in 2011 but in 2012 it may be illegal because it's a composite bat.

What is better for a Baseball Bat scandium Alloy or Composite?

Composite, my current bat is a DeMarini Vexxum and its composite. I know this because I've been playing for 10 years :p

How much is a demarini bat?

The price of a Demarini bat varies by the type and barrel size. The average Demarini bat probalbly costs around $200-250.

Which baseball bat is better Demarini Vendetta or the Demarini Voodoo?

it is spelled vooda and it is better its not spelled vooda tard its voodo and yes the voodo is better

Is the demarini vendetta baseball bat composite?

no they arent composite but they will be outlawed in high school with the composites because of the square handle

What is the best youth baseball bat 2010?

Look for new Demarini models. Voodoo's, Vexxum's, and Vendetta's will all be nice depending on the hitter. The most important thing is confidence with a bat!

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