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No. The purpose of the cooling agent is to maintain the engine temperature within permissible limits to ensure minimal damage to the engine and avoid overheating. The cooling system cools the engine and reduces its temperature.

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Q: Is the Cooling Agent raises engine temp?
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Your cooling fans run all the time when the engine is running.?

engine cooling fan should not do this - bad temp sensor likely

The radiator fan does not come on when the engine temp goes above 210 degrees The cooling temp sensor cooling temp switch and one fan relay has been replaced. The fans do activate when the ac is on.?

== == Cooling fans are designed to start at 235 degrees

What temp does the cooling fans come on for a 1996 cadillac northstar 4.6 engine?

mine kick on around 230 temp.

Why the surface of ice raises when it changes from water into ice?

water contracts when cooling until about 4 deg. C. From that temp. further cooling causes the water to expand. as it freezes it continues to expand, that is why ice floats.

Where is the cooling fan temp switch on a 1998 ford escort?

in the thermostat housing on the left side of the engine

Why does your 95 Taurus engine cooling fans run only when ac is on?

they do for the ac they only come on when the engine temp is peaked about 210 deg

What is a heater blend door?

it's the cable that connects your heating/cooling temp slide switch to the heater box inside the engine. If it's broken you will have no temp control.

At what temp should the engine cooling fan kick on on a 1996 achieva?

it usually turns on around 200 degrees

Why the engine cooling fan does not operate at high speed which raises the temp in Jimmy 2001?

Clean your radiator with Simple Green or something that gets rid of grease, make sure it doesn't eat aluminum though. Your fan may be working but no air is getting through your radiator.

1988 camaro 2.8 were is the fan temp sensor located?

There is not a separate cooling fan sensor, it controlled by the ECM which get it's reading from the ECT (engine coolant temp sensor)

Do the fans on your Mazda 323 only work when the engine reaches a certain temperature?

almost all cooling fans run temp to help get engine warm up very quickly and may turn going the road on cold days to keep temp up in the engine

My temp gauge won't go past the beginning of the normal mark I have replaced sensors and thermostat.?

Your cooling fans may be coming on or you might have a low temp thermostat. Either way, a cool engine is better than a hot engine.

2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette cooling fan won't turn off?

That indicates the engine temp is running to low: the computer should give a check engine light and often the temp gauge will not work either. you need to replace the thermostat

What is the gasket that the radiator hose connects to by the engine?

On the 2.4L z24 I think you are talking about the one on top on the driver sid. That is the OUTLET GASKET and it is a rubber O RING.The temp. sensor is screwed into that to detect cooling temp. as it leaves the engine. Coolant leaves the engine to head to the radiator to be cooled.

Does the cooling fan come on when the key is on in 95 trans am?

The cooling fan comes on when the engine reaches a certain temperature and is controlled by a sensor switch that kicks the fan on when the temperature reaches the preset temp.

What is range in cooling tower?

Range is the difference of cooling water inlet and cooling water outlet temp

Why is the temp gauge lower than normal and check engine light comes on intermittently on 2002 Pontiac Montana?

If your engine light comes on and your temp gauge is lower then normal. listen for cooling fans. if they are also running chances are you need a new thermostat

2003 passat 1.8L t coolant temp sensor?

The coolant temp sensor for a 2003 Passat 1. 8L is located on top of the engine, near the upper radiator hose. It constantly monitors the engine's temperature and adjusts the cooling fan as needed.

Is it normal for the engine cooling fan to run after the engine is shut down new fuel pump and radiator installed?

Yes it is normal if you have an electric fan. The fan will run until the engine temp lowers to normal.

What causes engine temp to fluctuate in 1997 Oldsmobile silhouette?

Either bad ground on your gauge or your electric cooling fans are going bad.

98 transport engine temp goes up and engine shuts off?

May be air in your cooling system. Unless you have a vacuum to put coolant in, it is very hard to get all the air out. It will cause your engine to heat up quickly and your temp gauge to be very erratic. If water is missing steam will cause that.

Why does my temp hand read good but computer says temp sensor is bad?

there can be up to 3 temp sensors on an engine. One for the dash guage, the second for the computer input and the third controls the electric cooling fan. If the obd system called a bad temp sensor, then it is the ECT SENSOR FOR THE COMPUTER.

1993 Nissan altima what does the engine coolant temp sensor do?

I believe it turns on and off the fan (1 out of 2) that cools the engine according to the temperature it's at. If it doesn't work the engine may not know to turn the fan on and the engine could overheat. Here's a tip. When you turn on your A/C or Heater, both fans come on. The A/C cooling fan and the Engine Cooling fan.

What does the emperature sensor sensor do on the engine of a Chevy Malibu 3.1L?

it senses the engine temperature and sends a signal to turn on the radiater cooling fans, and it also sends info to guage in car to tell temp, of engine.

Engine running ruff engine light on heater stopped blowing hot air temp overheat turned off AC seems to run without over heating?

Check your cooling fan