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only if you buy the electric trigger.

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Q: Is the BT Omega paintball gun automatic?
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Spyder paintball gun better than bt omega?

Nearly any spyder model will shoot the same as as the Bt omega. However it has a less durable design and will not look as "milsim" as the Omega was built for.

Does the NcStar tactical red dot sight work with the BT Omega paintball gun?

No, the BT omega does not have any rails to mount any sights on. A custom rail would need to be fitted and drilled into the handle to support any sights.

What is the paintball gun that senior Chang has?

A painted BT TM-15

What skock fits the bt bt-4 paintball gun?

The Bt 4 requires a specific stock to stay on the gun. Therefore a Tippmann stock will not work. However, Trinity as well as BT themselves have produced stocks for the BT 4 that will fit and are cost effective.

Can the bt tm7 paintball gun use nitrogen?

Yes, Tm7s can run on HPA tanks.

When will the bt tm15 paintball gun be available to buy?

The BT TM15 is available to purchase. For there are numerous sites where you can but it from including,, and For used ones try

What will the bt tm15 paintball gun cost?

The lowest priced BT will run around $460.00. Though this does come in a kit. To find cheaper ones, try looking on or

Will a bt4 handle fit on a tippmann a5 paintball gun?

No. The Tippmann handle is screwed on from the bottom, where the bt is held on s rail.

How do you put upgrads on a bt-4 paintball gun?

Read the instructions on the new part. Most of them require opening up the gun halves and replacing the old part.

Where can you buy good and cheap paintball guns?

ebay, BT, Spyder, Tippmann are the brands I would look into which you can look at Ultimate Paintball -

What is a good site that has a good BT paintball marker builder?

sakworldpaintball. There are no flash builders like the opsgear a5 builder for bt products

Can a tippmann x7 response trigger work on a bt omega 2012 version?

No, it will not fit.