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No, they are completely different. Arena football is a variant of American football ("gridiron") played indoors in an "arena" that might otherwise be used for Basketball, Ice Hockey, or concerts.

Australian football or "aussie rules" is a completely unrelated game that evolved in Australia and is played outdoors, typically on a cricket field. For more info see:

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Q: Is the Australian football team and arena football the same?
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What type of sports are associated with the Perth Glory?

Perth Glory is an Australian football team. Perth Glory is a professional team, but it also offers a development program. Australian football is not the same as American football.

How do you join an arena football team?

To join an arena football team you gotta go to their open tryouts. most teams have them between october and november.

How many players are in the Australian football team?

there are 9 players in an Australian football game

Does California have an arena football team?

Ontario warriors

Did seatle ever have a arena football team?

not that i can find

What are the positions on an Australian Football team?


Does Arkansas have an arena football team?

Yes. The Arkansas Twisters.

What sports team does Bon Jovi own?

The Arena Football team, the Philadelphia Soul

Who is the tenant of Friends Arena?

The tenants of Friends Arena are AIK Fotboll and Sweden national football team.

What is the name of the Australian Olympic football team?


Who is the captain for the Australian football team?

Lucas neal

What do you get if you play for the Chicago Rush Arena football team?

A good workout

John Elway is the owner of what team?

The now defunct Colorado Crush, an arena football team.

What Football team is Bon Jovi co owner of?

He was a co-owner of the Arena Football team The Philadelphia Soul, but is no longer part of that.

Who is the tenant of Dinamo Arena?

The tenants of Dinamo Arena are FC Dinamo Tbilisi and Georgia national football team.

Who is the tenant of Generali Arena?

Czech Republic national football team and the Sparta Prague are the tenants of Generali Arena.

Did galway play Australia in football in 1965?

If you are talking about Gaelic Football and Australian rules teams, then the answer is no. The first time Gaelic Football and Australian rules teams played each other was in 1967. A Meath team played an Australian team.

What team did Kurt Warner play for in arena football?

The Iowa Barn Stormers.

What do Australians play football in?

Australian footballers wear much the same as soccer and rugby players: team guernseys, shorts, club socks and studded football boots.

What are Alaskas sport teams?

I dont know the exact name of the team but i know that their is an arena football team in alaska

How much is an arena football league team worth?

20 million is the expantion price

How do you get into Arena Football League?

you just go tryout for at team and you don't have to go to college

Does Bon Jovi own a baseball stadium?

no, but Jon owns an arena football team

What Football team is Bon Jovi co-owner of?

The Philadelphia Soul of the Arena League.

Which Australian football team did Ronnie Biggs' son play for?