Is tana umaga the All blacks rugby player dead?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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No he is still alive.

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Q: Is tana umaga the All blacks rugby player dead?
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Is WWE super star umaga dead?

Yes Umaga is dead.

Was WWE superstar umaga at the Sacramento event?

Umaga Is Dead!

Was wwe superstar umaga at arco arena yesterday?

Umaga's dead. He's been dead since December.

How umaga dead?

he had a heart attack.

How did umaga dead?

yes he did die

Who is umaga's tag team partner?

dude umaga is dead he died like 2009

Will umaga comeback in WWE?

No because he is dead.

Is umaga married?

Not sure if he was, but he's dead.

Is WWE superstar Umaga really dead?

Yes, Umaga died of a heart attack in Houston,Texas

Why did umaga leave WWE?

because hes dead

What kind of haircut does umaga have?

He's dead now.

Who is fat in WWE?

bigshow, markhenry, umaga was but now his dead.