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thesynthetic surface is better than wood because it let the materials lasts than that of wood

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Q: Is synthetic surface better than wooden?
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Why is a tuning fork easier to hear on a wooden surface?

a wooden surface is better for a tuning fork rather than, say, a metal surface because the wood vibrates less than metal, and doesn't interfere with the vibrations of the fork. rubber is probably the best surface to hit a fork on.

Can ice be used to determine if a steel surface is hotter than a wooden surface?


Why do smooth surfaces reduce friction?

This is because the surface is more even and equal. For example if you have a wooden surface and a glass surface, the wooden surface would have more friction than the glass, because it is more un-even than the glass surface

Is ford part synthetic oil better than regular?

Synthetic is better at very low and very high temperatures.

How do you use synthetic in a sentence?

Synthetic oil works better in some engines than does petroleum-based oil. Nylon is synthetic.

Why would a ball roll better on one surface vs the other?

a ball would roll better on one surface vs the other because one surface may have more friction the the other surface. For example a smooth surface like a polished wooden floor would have a ball roll better than a carpet where the hairs are stopping the progression of the ball.

Are metal storage sheds better than wooden ones?

Wooden are sturdier and don't rust.

Why is a PU synthetic better than a PVC synthetic for making footwear?

Becaous PVC is the "plastic poison".

How can you say that synthetic fibers are better than natural fibers?

They aren't.

Is rough surface better or smooth surface?

The rough surface is better than the smooth surface for the frictional force to act.

Why would a metal chair be better for an overweight person than a wooden one?

Practically speaking a metal chair is a lot better for an overweight person than a wooden one because metal chairs is more able to support the overweight person than a wooden one.

Is kangaroo leather is better than synthetic leather?

If you're a kangaroo. What IS "Synthetic Leather"? I mean it comes in all sorts of grades of quality, unless it's from a synthetic.

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