Is swimming strenuous

Updated: 10/21/2022
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kind of, but it helps build all your muscles and not just your arms or legs.

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Q: Is swimming strenuous
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What part of speech is the word strenuous?

Strenuous is an adjective. Strenuous means requiring or using great exertion.

What is the most strenuous exercise running or swimming?

it depends on how you define strenuous. swimming is much better for your joints, as well, swimming probably uses more musles than running, as it is a whole body exercise. when swimming, you are forced to hold your breath, which exercises yor lungs and therefore the rest of your body much more than if you were running. there is also much more resistance when swimming (because of the water) making if much harder to swim a distance (ie.400m) than it would be to run it. (the world record time for 400m freestyle is 3:40.7, whereas, in track, it's 00:43.19 so obviosly, its alot more difficult to swim.)

What is a sentence for strenuous?

Strenuous exercise makes me tired.

Use strenuous in a sentence?

Strenuous exercise is good for your heart.

What is the base word of strenuous?

The base word of "strenuous" is "strength."

Can you write a sentence using the word strenuous?

The workout was quite strenuous.

How is the word strenuous used in a sentence?

Strenuous describes hard and extended physical exertion or exercise.

How do you use the word strenuous in a way that shows its meaning?

The strenuous exercise made my muscles ache.

Write a sentence using the word strenuous?

Too much strenuous exercise can result in jury.

Can you give an example with the word strenuous?

He lifted the boulder, but not without heavy can not win without exertion . Your highest exertion is required.

What is a sentence with strenuous?

Building the house was a strenuous job, but John's love of hard work showed through.

How do you make a sentence with strenuous?

Some of the days are quite long, and the walking feels more strenuous at altitude.