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No, it is not in the winter Olympics, it is only in the summer Olympics. all the winter Olympic sports are to do with snow or ice mostly, ex. curling, hockey, skiing, luge, bobsled, figure-skating, exetra.

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Q: Is swimming part of the winter olympic games?
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Related questions

Is swimming part of the 2010 winter olympic games?

No, swimming is only in the Summer Olympic Games

How many countries took part in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games?

88 countries participated at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

When was ice hockey first part of the Olympic games?

Ice hockey first became a part of the Olympic games in 1920 at the summer Olympics. It was transformed permanently to the winter Olympic games in 1924.

What year did swimming become an olympic sport?

Swimming became an Olympic sport in the 1896 Summer Olympics. It was hosted in Athens, Greece, and 241 athletes took part in the games.

Is netball part of the Olympic games?

no because it did not make int but it is in the winter olympics

What year did the olympic torch become part of the Olympic winter games?

At the 1952 Oslo Olympics, Eigil Nansen lit the first-ever Winter Olympics cauldron.

Who is skeet shooting in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi?

Skeet shooting is not a part of the Winter Olympic games.

Most of the Winter Olympic Games have taken place in Europe in the Mountains that are part of what mountain system?

In the alps

How long was figure skating have been part of the Olympics?

Figure skating has been part of the olympic games since 1908, where it was first part of the summer Olympics. In 1924, it was first introduced to the winter Olympics. Your question does not specify which Olympics, but it was in the summer Olympics 102 years ago. It has been in the winter Olympics for 86 years, and been in all 21 winter Olympic games since then.

How many Olympic medals from the Winter Games has Albania won?

Albania have never won a Winter Olympic medal as they have never entered the tournament before. However there is a competitor/s taking part in the 2006 Turin games, though in which sport I am not sure.

What country proposed the winter olympic games?

That really wasn't proposed by a country. An Italian count named Eugenio Brunetta d'Usseaux suggested that the International Olympic Committee hold winter events as part of the 1912 Games in Stockholm. This was not done, but the idea was brought up again and it was decided to hold winter events at the 1916 Games in Berlin. Those games were cancelled due to World War I. It wasn't until 1924 that winter events made their debut in the Olympics as part of the Summer Games. They were such a huge success that the International Olympic Committee decided to hold a separate Winter Olympics every four years and designated the events held in 1924 as the first Winter Olympics.

Who takes part in Olympic games?

lots of people who are famous take part in the Olympic games.

Is swimming a Olympic game?

yes it is because its part of the olimpics

How did curling originate?

It most likely began in Scotland & Netherlands in the 1600s. It became part of the Winter Olympic Games in the year 1998.

What countries are taking part in the 2012 Olympic Games?

There are 246 taking part in the olympic

Did Congo took part in the Beijing Olympic games in 2008?

I am not sure but I am sure that Africa took part in the Beijing Olympic games.... ...yes they did compete with 29 athletes including coaches and sports officials. Athletes from the DRC competed in athletics, judo, boxing and swimming Farz xx

In the olympic games began as part of a religious festival in honor of?

The Olympic games were in honour of Zeus

Where women allowed in ancient olympic games?

no they were not allowed to take part in the olympic games until 1900

What year was swimming introduced?

Swimming has been recorded since prehistoric times; the earliest dates back to the Stone Age from around 7,000 years ago. Competitive swimming in Europe started around the 1800's and was part of the first modern Olympic games in Athens, 1896.

How many countries are taking part in the olympic games?

71 countries are taking part in the Olympic games2012

In what did Maltese take part in Olympics?

Malta first competed at the 1928 Summer Games in Amsterdam. They have competed in 14 Olympic Games and have sent a team to every Summer Games since 1980. Malta has never sent a team to the Winter Olympics. At the 2008 Games in Beijing, Malta sent 6 athletes to compete in athletics, swimming, judo, and shooting. No Malta athlete won a medal.

How many nations took part in the 2010 winter Olympics?

Eighty two (82) nations took part in the 2010 winter Olympic.

What sport has a long program as part of the winter Olympic?

figure skating

What sports has a long program as part of the winter Olympic?

figure skating

What two events have been canceled in the olympic games of 2008?

Baseball and Softball will NOT be a part of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, but were a part of the 2008 Summer Olympics.