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Swimming is primarily an outdoor activity, but can be an indoor activity with an indoor swimming pool.

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Q: Is swimming an indoor game
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Is swimming an indoor or outdoor game?

swimming is an outsoor game

Is swimming is an outdoor game or indoor game?

It is both

Is swimming outdoor or indoor game?


Is swimming an outdoor or indoor game Why....?

It just depends on the facility. If there's a pool (or a body of water), you can have swimming.

How much are indoor swimming pools?

An ok indoor swimming pool costs about $100 A great indoor swimming pool costs about $1,500 A First Class kind of swimming pool costs about $27,000

Is indoor a noun or pronoun?

The word 'indoor' is generally used as an adjective, as in 'indoor activities', indoor swimming pool', etc.

When was Mehmet Akif Ersoy Indoor Swimming Pool created?

Mehmet Akif Ersoy Indoor Swimming Pool was created in 2011.

Is swimming an outdoor or indoor game why?

It just depends on the facility. If there's a pool (or a body of water), you can have swimming.

Do any Lynchburg hotels have indoor swimming pools?

Yes, several hotels offer indoor swimming pools. The Courtyard Marriott, the Hilton, Kirkley Hotel, and Wingate Hotel all offer indoor swimming pools. Choose which hotel suits your needs

Will an indoor sport event get canceled if it's raining?

not unless it is swimming or has to do with swimming.

Is indoor swimming better than outdoor swimming?

Both the swimming pool has benefits and drawbacks. It's your lifestyle to choose the type of enjoyment but I would mostly prefer outdoor swimming. It can make me more comfortable with friends. From my point of view outdoor swimming is better than indoor swimming.

Can you have an indoor saltwater swimming pool?


Does the Sheraton Anaheim Hotel have an indoor swimming pool?

"No, the Sheraton Anaheim Hotel does not have an indoor swimming pool. It does, however, have a beautiful outdoor pool. The pool is in the courtyard."

Where would be the best place to buy indoor swimming pools?

One of the best places to buy indoor swimming pools is through the site, Endless Pools, as they have one of the largest selections available. Local contractors are also a good source to purchase indoor swimming pools.

A natatorium contains what?

A natatorium is an auditorium with a swimming pool for staging indoor swimming meets.

What is Indoor Swimming Pool In French?

Piscine couverte.

Is Ida lee indoor swimming pool open?


Did Czar Nicholas have an indoor swimming pool?

He had a 'swimming-pool' or 'Swimming bath' that he enjoyed in the Palace of Alexander and mentioned in his diaries. He even took Aleksey there. The palace of Catherine the Great did have an indoor bathing building and lakes to swim in.

Is table tennis indoor or outdoor game?

indoor game

Is swimming an indoor sport?

swimming is not a sport at all ok now who ever thinks that it is it is not

What is the definition of indoor games?

Any game that you play inside a building is an indoor game.

Which indoor swimming event do the swimmers start in the water?


What is the most popular indoor activity of iceland?

Outdoor swimming

Can you construct an indoor swimming pool in New Delhi?


Indoor and outdoor games?

basketball is an indoor game.

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