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It can be both - sometimes you are competing for you team or for yourself, but if you mean if you swim as a team, then no. You can swim FOR a team, but not as a team. So it is individual if you mean it that way.

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Q: Is swimming an individual or team event?
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Is relay a team or individual event?


What is the name of women's team swimming event that is like dancing in water?

Synchronized Swimming.

Is ski jumping a team compation or an individual sport?

in the Olympics there is both a team and individual event

Is archery an individual event?

Archery can be both a team, and an idividual event.

What is Ryan Lochte's best event in swimming?

400 metres individual medley

Is swimming an individual or do they compete in a team?

Swimming is interesting, as it can function as both an individual and team sport. In swim meets, the races are individual, and you are competing with swimmers from both the opposing team and your own team. You are also competing against your personal best time. However, the points you accrue from how you placed in your race contribute to the team score which is used to determine who "won" the meet.

How many people in a synchronized swimming team?

there can be as little as 4 members or up to 8 in the team event.

Is synchronized swimming a team or invidual event?

it can be both ( solo , team , duet , combo ( combination of solo, duet, team, trio ) Trio )

Which country won the silver medal in team synchronized swimming at the Rio 2016 Olympics?

The silver medal in the Team Synchronized Swimming event at the Rio 2016 Olympics went to China.

Which country won the bronze medal in team synchronized swimming at the Rio 2016 Olympics?

Japan won the bronze medal in the Team Synchronized Swimming event at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Who won the gold medal for swimming in the Olympics 2008?

In swimming there are many events (e.g. 1500m freestyle, 200m breastroke, 400m individual medley) and different people win gold medals for each event. Michael Phelps won the gold medals and either China or USA won the overall team standings for swimming.

What are the 4 events in Olympic swimming?

The 4 event in the swimming Olympics are butterfly breast stroke back stroke free stlye I think i should no im on a swimming team

Did Michael Phelps win an individual gold medal this year?

yes in the team swimming

Which country won the gold medal in team synchronized swimming at the Rio 2016 Olympics?

Russia was the country that won the gold medal in the Team Synchronized Swimming event at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

What are the names of the different events in swimming?

There are five different individual event types: butterfly, backstroke, breastroke, freestyle and the individual medley (IM) which involves the first four strokes. there are different lengths for each event

Who won the womens 400m individual medley swimming gold medal in the 2008 Olympics?

Stephanie Rice (Australia) won the gold medal in the women's 400 meter individual medley swimming event in the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Briefly describe what are multiple-event competitions?

multi-sport competition is where an individual or a team competes in several different events in the same sport. example: triathlon swimming, biking, running the main emphasis is to test the individual or team in different aspects of the sport to see what their overall skill is in that event. track and field decathlon, tests jumping, hurdling, speed, stamina, and throwing

What does IM stand for in 200 IM swimming event?

It stands for INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY. Out of context, it is Instant messenger. You know your a swimmer when IM means Individual Medley

Is swimming a team sport?

It depends. Swimmers can make it a team sport by supporting their teammates and many people do better with others on their team cheering them on. But, some people like not really being part of the whole team and being more of an individual swimmer. Times are individual, so it is not a team in that way. Points from winning races add up to help win meets (mostly in high school swimming) which is the team aspect of swimming. Swimmers tend to bond with each other, making them more of a team. Overall, yes. I believe swimming is a team sport.

Is swimming an Olympic event?

yes swimming is an olympic event

Name 2 top athletes in archery?

Here are a few top archers. Italy's Marco Galiazzo won gold in the individual archery event at the Athens Olympics, and won silver at the Beijing games in the team event. Viktor Ruban of Ukraine won the Beijing Games men's individual archery gold. Hiroshi Yamamoto of Japan won silver in the individual event at Athens, and this was preceded by bronze in the individual at Los Angeles in 1984. South Korea's Park Kyung-Mo won silver at Beijing in the individual event, and gold in the Beijing men's Olympic team archery. Some women who are top athletes in archery include: Zhang Juan-Juan of China won the women's individual gold medal in archery at Beijing and silver in the women's team event. She also won silver in the team event at Athens. South Korea's Park Sung-Hyun holds the women's world record for a 70m 72-arrow round (individual event), set at the Athens Olympics, and won a gold medal with her team at both Athens and Beijing. She also won silver for the individual event at Beijing.

What sport would you find a medley?

Swimming A "medley" is an event in competitive swimming in which backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle are swum in equal distances by an individual or as divisions of a relay race.

Is swimming an individual sport or a team sport?

Swimming is a team sport. Even though it may seem like an individual sport because all of the events are done independently and each team member tries to beat their own time, it is not because at the end of a swim meet, all of the points each team member makes is added up together, so you win together or you lose together. Either way it is a team sport.

Did Princess Anne ride in the Olympics?

Yes, she competed at the 1976 Summer Games in Montreal in individual three day event and team three day event. She finished 24th in individual competition.

What is a swim team?

A swim team is a group of competitive swimmers that swim ___ laps depending on the age of the swimmer. They have different heats if there are a lot of swimmers in the same event. 4 strokes are swam, Freestyle, Backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. There are also relays with 4 swimmers, and a IM (individual medley) which is all 4 strokes in one race. If you want to see a very competitive level of kid swimming then search USA swimming.