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*an* and yes, it is.

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Q: Is swimming a athletic event
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Is swimming an athletic team?

No, swimming itself is not. However, there are swimming teams.

What is an athletic event?

An athletic event is an even that involves sports or competition. For example, the Olympics are considered the biggest and most well known athletic event.

Is swimming an Olympic event?

yes swimming is an olympic event

Is swimming an athletic sport?

Certainly; there is even a swimming competition in the Olympics.

What is a seven event athletic event?


What swimming event did Stephanie rice do in the olympic?

Stephanie rice's event is Swimming 200m

How can i get an athletic scholarship for swimming in the state of Wisconsin?

The best way to get an athletic scholarship while swimming is to be the best. You have to make sure that you set records with each race you are in.

When was swimming first a event?

When was swimming first an event? well it was in 1896 there was 100, 500, and 1200meters.

Swimming pool event?

swiing pool event

What is the name of a swimming pool event?

A swing event

What are the rules of swimming?

there are rules it just depends on what event you are swimming

What is the swimming pool event in the Olympics called?

Swimming or diving

Five-event athletic contest?


What is another name for an athletic event?


What is a 10 event athletic contest?

A decathlon :)

An athletic event with 3 events?


Why are the Olympics a show event?


What three athletic sports compromise the triathlon?

Running, biking, and swimming

What sports are involved in the Ironman triathlon?

There are many sports in the Iron man Triathlon. They are running, swimming, and biking. The purpose of it being an "iron-man" event is to test the athletic ability of the contestants.

What isa ten event athletic contest?


What is the name for a ten event athletic competition?

The Decathlon.

What is the name for a five event athletic contest?


What is the name of five part athletic event?

Pentathlon .

What is a athletic event called with five events?


Will an indoor sport event get canceled if it's raining?

not unless it is swimming or has to do with swimming.