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Squash is only a Commonwealth Games sport.

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Q: Is squash a olympic or commonwealth games sport?
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Related questions

Is squash an Olympic sport?

No, but it is a sport in the Commonwealth games.

Is lawn bowls an olympic sport?

Sadly, lawn bowls is not an Olympic sport. But it is played in the commonwealth games.

Is lawn bowls in the olympics?

Lawn Bowls is not an olympic sport, however it is a part of the Commonwealth Games

Is netball played in the Olympics?

Netball is in the Commonwealth Games but not the Olympic Games. It is the highest female participation sport in the world though.

What was the last sport in the Commonwealth Games before the closing ceremony?

The final event before the 2014 Commonwealth Games Closing ceremony was the Squash Men's Doubles final when Cameron Pilley and David Palmer won the event.

Is golf included in commonwealth games?

Despite being a recognized sport by the Commonwealth Games Federation, the sport has never featured in a Commonwealth Games.

Is netball an Olympic sport?

No it is in the commonwealth games though. Netball isn't currently part of the Olympic games but there is a growing campaign to get it included in the coming 2012 Olympics to be held in London.

Which Commonwealth Games was cricket included as a sport?

Cricket was included as a Commonwealth Games sport in 1998.

Is there horse riding in the Commonwealth games?

No, Horse riding is not a Commonwealth Games sport.

In the netball final in Beijing who won gold silver and bronze?

Netball isn't an Olympic Sport, although it is played in the Commonwealth Games

Has Irene vandyke won a gold?

Since netball is not an Olympic sport, Irene has not won an Olympic gold medal but she has won gold medals at the Netball World Championships and Commonwealth Games.

Why are the Olympic Games and the Commonwealth Games so important?

Both games only occur once every 4 years and they are the pinnacle of sport in that only the best athletes manage to win medals

Which commonwealth games included cricket?

The only instance where Cricket was a Commonwealth Games sport was at the 1998 Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games.

Was netball at the Athens Olympics?

No it has never been an olympic sport, only a commonwealthsport. New Zealand won the gold in the most recent commonwealth games

When was weightlifting introduced to the commonwealth games?

Weightlifting was introduced as a Commonwealth Games sport in 1950.

Is trampolining in the commonwealth games 2014?

No, Trampolining was not a sport contested at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Is golf a 2014 commonwealth games sport?

No, Golf was not one of the sports included in the 2014 Commonwealth Games. It is actually a 2016 Olympics sport.

How many times have England hosted karate at Commonwealth Games?

Karate is not a sport in the Commonwealth games.

Is snow boarding a olympic sport?

Yes it is now a sport at the Olympic Games.

Is golf a Commonwealth Games sport?


Who won gold in fencing at the 1994 Commonwealth Games?

Fencing was not a sport that was held at the 1994 Commonwealth Games.

Is rugby league an Commonwealth Games sport?

Not its not in the games portfolio

Who won the last commonwealth game for volleyball?

Despite being a recognized Commonwealth Games sport, Volleyball has never been contested at the Commonwealth Games.

What sport combined games of handball and squash?


What two games were combined to form the sport of racquetball?

squash and handball