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Yes, very. Sports keep you very fit and healthy, it strengthens all the muscles in your body and keeps you from putting on weight.

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What 3 sports are friction useful and not useful for?

Friction is helpful for these sports:FootballJavelinWeight liftingFriction is not helpful for these sports:SkiingDiving

How to Sell licensed sports apparel?

This article may be helpful to you. Good luck.

Why is sports helpful?

sports help you by keeping fit and gives us power and energy to keep us going and also it helps us to exercise more...

Where can one learn about fishing sports?

There is a lot of information about fishing sports. The library has a lot of books on this subject that may be helpful. Also, TPWD and WFDW are some organizations that have a lot of information.

What qualifications are needed to be a sports agent?

Usually a legal background as you will be negotaiting contracts. But a degree in business or a related field is helpful.

What were sports and games like in the 1800s?

There were different clothing and rules. They had different fields of playing different sports. Some sports played back then are not played anymore (due to lack ofinterest).Anotherdifference was that girls were not normally allowed to play in any sports.They were expected to be sitting and watching as the men played whatever sport they played.Hope I've been helpful.

What is the high school preparation for a sports agents?

A high school student hoping to be a sports agent should take whatever business courses that are available. It is also helpful to learn advanced math and economics, as well as verbal communication.

What is the best Gambling forum?

According to many sports bettors is ( ) Also I have forund that ( has lots of helpful information

Are sports drinks really bad for your health?

Drinks that give you a boost of energy are bad for you. These are usually infused with caffeine or sugar. Sports drinks, on the other hand, are helpful for athletes or individuals that work intensly for 90 min or more. Sports drinks are similar to soft drinks, so long time use is not good.

Where can you get information on nutrition for sports performance?

When you go to buy some of the products online, they should have all the information you need about the product. Some have blogs which can be very helpful too:

How sports help you get scholarships?

Depends If Your a Good Athlete In That Particular Sport But You Have To Be Academically Good Also.....Such as Good Grades!! But Its Very Helpful To Be Good At A Sport To Receive A Scholarship....

What is the superlative and comparative of helpful?

most helpful, more helpful

What is a comparative and superlative of helpful?

more helpful, most helpful

What is the comparative and superlative of helpful?

more helpful, most helpful

How is physical fitness sports healthy for people?

physical fitness sports are healthy for people because they keep you fit, also fast or intense sports like soccer football andother sports make the body produce lactic acid in the muscles which helps repair and build muscles. but sports can also be helpful in another way, they can help relieve stress by giving you an outlet for your anger,saddness, and other feelings. but sports can also keep you socialy healthy by giving you friends because without friends you won't have any self esteem.

What are the sports facilities in each DMA?

I sympathize with you. I just had an identical problem not too long ago. Good luck with solving this issue. I'm sorry i can't be more helpful.

Is it grammatically correct to say do sports?

Yes, it is correct to say that you do sports. I do sports. You do sports. He does sports. She does sports. Fido does sports. We do sports. All of you do sports. They do sports.

How is bacillus helpful?

it is not helpful.........

How is plutonium helpful and harmful to humans?

How is plutonium helpful How is plutonium helpful

When is friction not helpful?

Friction can be helpful and not helpful it is not helpful when you are running because it slows you down hope that'll help!!!! ;)

What is a helpful wave?

There's not one wave that can be helpful but it can be helpful if you go surfing.

What is the comparative and superlative form of the word helpful?

more helpful, most helpful

Does PE help you in life?

pe can help you stay active and is very helpful when it comes to exercise. i personally love pe and i think it is the greatest thing besides sports as a form of exercise.

In what sport is it helpful that you have 26 moving parts in your backbone?

The spine is essential to almost all sports, but is particularly necessary in gymnastics. The contortions and tumbling require a great deal of spinal mobility.

Were can you but football Equipment?