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Soccer is one of the most dangerous sport. Many players died with heart condition during a game. Some get crushed bones(not often), but many times they get muscle injuries. Soccer is a contact sport between players who does't got almost any protection.

An American football player with a broken leg is lucky - compared to a teammate who broke his neck.

Lastly, there may be more injuries per "participant hour" in soccer than in, say, Formula 1 racing, but when someone driving, say, a Williams F1 rocket blasts through a turn and bottoms out - like Ayrton Senna did - that person can end up with a piece of the front suspension punched through their helmet and through their skull. No one in soccer ever had anything even remotely like that happen to them. And they really don't risk anything like that, either.

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no, its second after race car driving.

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Q: Is soccer the most dangerous sport in the world?
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