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Yes soccer is indeed the main sport of Brazil along with BBJ, Rugby,Tennis, and Basketball.

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Q: Is soccer the main played port in Brazil?
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What is the main port of brazil?

There are six main ports in Brazil. Port of Santo's, Port of Rio Grande, Port of Itajai, and Port of Paranague. Port of Rio de Janeiro and ort of Vitoria are two more ports.

What sports are played in Port-au-prince?

mostly soccer amd basketball

Which city is known as coffee port of the world?

santos port brazil

What is the main port in japan?

Tokyo is the main port.

What is the name of a port of Brazil?

Santos Port (Porto de Santos) is the biggest and the most important port in Brazil. It's located about 80 quilometers from São Paulo city.

What is Iraq's main port?

It's main port is Basra.

What is South America's largest port?

It is the port of Santos, state of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

What is Italy's main port?

Italy's main port is Genoa, Italy.

What is 'joyous port' in Portuguese?

Porto Alegre is a Portuguese equivalent of 'joyous port'. It's a river port in southern Brazil. It's located on Guaíba Lake, and is one of the largest ports in Brazil.

What is the main port of Italy?

The main port of Italy is known as the Port of Gioia Tauro. The second and third busiest ports are the Port of Genoa and the Port of La Spezia.

What is the Port on eastern most tip of Brazil?


What is the main port of athens?

The Port of Piraeus.

What is the main port of entry in the Bahamas?

two main port of entry for grand bahama

Which rivers and sea ports are important in Brazil?

Some of the most important sea ports in Brazil include Manaus, Natal, Porto Alegre, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, and Santos.Manaus on the Rio Negro ['Black River'] in northern Brazil is the main transport center for the entire upper Amazon Basin.Natal in northeastern Brazil is located on the Potengi River and the Atlantic Ocean. Its port specializes in cold storage cargo of fish, fruit, and shrimp.Recife ['Reef'] in northeastern Brazil is a major port on the Atlantic Ocean. It's located where the Beberibe and Capibaribe rivers flow into the Atlantic.The Port of Rio de Janeiro in southern Brazil has the third highest cargo volume in Brazil. It's on the west coast of Baía da Guanabara ['Guanabara Bay'], an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean.The riverport of Porto Alegre ['Joyous Port'] in southern Brazil is located on Guaíba Lake and is one of the largest ports in Brazil.The Port of Salvador in southern Brazil is on Baía de Todos OS Santos ['All Saints' Bay'] near the Atlantic Ocean. It's a major export port, especially for fruit.The Port of Santos near São Paulo in southern Brazil is the biggest seaport in Latin America.

Which port is the main port of Namibia?

Walvis Bay

What was the main port of North Carolina?

The port of Wilmington

Port in Sri Lanka?

There are many ports. Colombo port is the main port.

What is the Amazon's major river port and industrial city?


Ontario is Canada's main Pacific port true or false?

false the main port is Vancouver

Is Vancouver Canada's main Pacific port?

Yes, Vancouver is the main Pacific port of Canada.

What is the closest main ocean port to Manaus Amazonas Brazil?

the pacific ocean is closest ocean toBrazil,Australia,north America,south America ,europ and Antarctica

Where is the Port Angeles Main Library in Port Angeles located?

The address of the Port Angeles Main Library is: 2210 S. Peabody Street, Port Angeles, 98362 6598

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Well if you are talking about AFL it would have to be Geelong but if you are a talking about world soccer it be Spain or Brazil. My Personal favourite afl team is Port Power but maybe I'm bias!!!

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Main Japan Port, based on qtl pulished Main Japan Port prices