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Yes Hockey is American and Soccer is English but on Soccer you use your legs unlikely Hockey is sticks

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Q: Is soccer similar to hockey
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Are hockey and soccer similar?

Yes hockey and soccer really similar.

What is soccer similar to?


What sports is soccer similar too?

hockey, ice hockey, rugby, frisbee,

What is the atmosphere like in a roman chariot racing?

Possibly similar to the atmosphere of a critical hockey or soccer game.

Which sport is better ice hockey or soccer?

Hockey is the best sport it is way more physical then soccer you have to be tough to be a hockey player soccer you do not one little touch and your DONE.

What is better hockey or soccer?


What is better soccer or hockey?


Is soccer rougher then hockey?

I don't think soccer is rougher than ICE hockey, but i think it is rougher than in-line hockey.

What sport is harder hockey or soccer?


What is the older sport hockey or soccer?


Which is more popular hockey or soccer?

Hockey right now soccer is way popular in the fifa playoffs but on the average days hockey is

What is most popular between hockey or soccer?


What is a better sport Soccer or hockey?

soccer is soooooo much more better then hockey because you don't get hit by a skate. but hockey is also a great in many ways. also hockey and soccer will be the top players are so much more tougher and are not lazy, And also soccer is played around the world and you dont use alot of equipment like in hockey, and also soccer was invented first and you could play it easier and its fummer if your good and have speed SOO YEAH SOCCER IS THE BEST SPORT

What is Russia's main sport?

Hockeyhockey and soccer

Should I play field hockey or soccer?

field hockey

What sport has 6 letters 4th letter is a k?


What are the postions on a soccer field?

Goalie left defence right defence right winger left winger centre forward yeah its similar to hockey

Does Justin Bieber like soccer?

Justin Bieber does like soccer. And soccer is one of the many sports he plays such as hockey, basketball, and track. But he said his favorite sport is hockey.

What to sports is field hockey based off of?

i think hockey and soccer

Do people like soccer more than field hockey?

i heard that soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and field hockey the second,

What sport is more popular soccer or ice hockey or football?


Why is team Canada bad at soccer?

they are into hockey more than soccer

Floor hockey is similar to ice hockey and much more -------k- than basketball?

floor hockey is similar to ice hockey with same sized goals

Is there offside in field hockey?

There is currently no offside rule in field hockey. There were prior offside rules, rules that restricted the positioning of players from the attacking team in a way similar to the offside rule in soccer. The offside rules were changed as the rules of field hockey changed. The evolution of the field hockey offside rule culminated with its abolition in the mid 1990s.

Where is hockey and soccer played?